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Lorelai finally gets in touch with Taylor about Sores & Boils Alley. He says he'd kill to have that name, and that Lorelai should consider herself lucky that the inn is located on the very site of historical sore and boil lancing in Stars Hollow: "Word is, they even had a leper colony in your garage. Trying to verify that; if we do, you get a plaque." Somehow, Lorelai doesn't feel that lucky about it. While she listens to Taylor rambling on about the noble work done on the original Sores & Boils Alley, Lorelai goes to the door to receive a package being delivered. She explains that people come to the Dragonfly for a beautiful, romantic time, and that she doesn't want to have to go around advertising "Come to historic Stars Hollow. It's not as gross as it sounds!" Taylor says he is surprised at her negativity, but she persists, saying that the name isn't going to work for her. I am shocked at Lorelai's direct communication on this issue. She says she wants the Inn's road to keep its old name, Third Street, but Taylor says that won't work. He offers to try to come up with alternatives, and they hang up. Finally, she opens the box that was delivered to find an antique birdcage inside. Paul Anka swears he didn't order it.

Rory and Logan are returning from their night out (three minutes after we saw them leave). Rory says she's never received so many compliments as she did tonight on the bag. Logan suddenly remembers that he's left his cell phone in the car: he's expecting a call from his father and needs to have his phone on him. Heading back to retrieve it, he is sprung upon by Richard. Logan claims to have been dropping Rory off (is that what the kids are calling it these days?), and Richard invites him in for a drink. Insufferably, he accepts, and then repeatedly calls both Richard and Emily by their first names, which I loathe. An uncomfortable few moments ensue, during which Richard makes small talk, and finally gets around to his main agenda. He says that Rory is so busy: "Her life is a total mystery to us. She could be in the CIA for all we know." Logan says he's pretty sure she's not, and they both laugh uncomfortably. Richard asks how things are going with Rory. It seems like he's asking Logan what his intentions are with his granddaughter -- at least, it seems that way to Logan. He gets nervous and rambly, and finally Rory comes in and saves him, saying she'll walk him out to his car. When they leave, Emily asks Richard if it seems to him that everything is going all right between Rory and Logan, and he distractedly says it does. They go up to bed as we see Rory and Logan sneaking past the windows, back to the pool house.

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