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Back at the Pool House, Emily has arrived with the nonagenarian repairman who originally installed the intercom system in the pool house. He's deaf, apparently, so I don't know how he's going to manage to figure out the volume control problem. When he goes into the bedroom, Rory takes a moment to talk to Emily about the conversation Richard had with Logan. Rory doesn't want Logan to feel pressured by her grandparents, and Emily agrees, and says she will speak with Richard about it. She makes girly small talk, asking how things are going with Logan. Rory tells her about the Birkin bag, and Emily FLIPS. Rory says that if it's so nice, maybe she shouldn't use it. "Oh, no," Emily says, "a Birkin bag is meant to be used." She goes on and on, repeating the words "Birkin bag" so many times that Rory starts to get worried. "A Birkin Bag..." Emily says, yet again, rapturously. "I'm going to remember this day." Obviously, Rory's receiving this bag confirms Emily's greatest desire that Rory and Logan will continue their relationship. ["Unless it means that Rory is just Logan's piece on the side and that he will eventually dump her with a scarf. I've seen it before." -- Wing Chun]

At Luke's Diner, Lorelai comes in with a three-alarm food emergency, requiring an emergency BLT, emergency chili fries, and a black-and-white shake. I don't understand how we're supposed to believe that this woman eats this food. Is it the coffee that keeps her so thin? I will drink more coffee! As a matter of fact, I should go have some coffee right now, just so that I can stay awake for the rest of this episode. Luke directs her attention to a giant, five-foot urn that was delivered for her there at the diner. Normally, he says, he has a policy about accepting five-foot urns for other people, but that it came while he was at the market, and Cesar signed for it. "Apparently," Luke says, "he didn't know about the policy." Lorelai sighs. "Oh," she says, "she's good. Covering all the bases. And, sending it here? Brilliant! Picking away at the people closest to me." Luke asks who it is that she's talking about. "Emily Gilmore!" Lorelai says. She explains that her mother has been the one sending her all this old stuff from her house for days, hoping to get Lorelai to respond. Luke says that Lorelai needs to call Emily and tell her to knock it off. "Oh, no," Lorelai says. "That's exactly what she wants! I poke my head out of the foxhole, and it gets blown off. Then I have no head, Luke!" He reminds her that there is a giant urn in his diner. Lorelai says that Emily has a tenth-degree black belt in passive-aggression (which is the first time I have ever heard anyone on this show acknowledge that particular Gilmore family value) and that she can't respond, because that's what Emily wants her to do. Luke just wants the urn out. Lorelai tries to convince him that it's more of a vase, and spruces up the diner. "It goes," he says, "today." Chagrined, she says she'll work on getting it out of there, "though," she adds, "I think it's one of a matching pair."

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