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Con Men And Trotskyites!
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Since Friday Night Dinners have been "officially reinstated," we're jumping right into the next one. Everyone is on their best behavior as Lorelai tries to break the ice. "The roses look amazing, Mom," she says, complimenting the centerpiece. Rory agrees that they are nice. Richard, too, comments that Emily has a way with flowers. Lorelai can't let a good thing go, and jokily gives everybody a "well done!" for their civil behavior after last week's FND craziness. She tells everyone to keep up the niceness but, if you'll pardon the pun, the bloom is off the rose. Richard awkwardly tries to segue into a discussion about Yale before being smart-assily sideswiped by Emily, who says she wasn't aware they were allowed to talk about Yale. "Oh no," Richard smirks. "We're allowed to talk about it, we're just not allowed to pay for it." This has to be the only documented instance in reality or fiction of people being angry that they get to KEEP tens of thousands of dollars per year. The Grandparents continue to smart-ass about Yale, and Lorelai has to put the kibosh on it. She says that of course they can talk about Yale, since it is Richard's alma mater and Rory's school; it's just that maybe, right now, it's not the best subject. She tries to start the whole conversation over with a countdown: "And five, four, three, two...these roses look amazing, Mom." Gamely, Richard repeats his earlier comment about Emily missing her calling as an arranger, but Lorelai just can't be satisfied with anything, and tells him that it's not necessary to have a verbatim repeat. "Lorelai," he says, "this is my house. I should have some control over what goes on here, at some point." Exactly, Grandpa. No wonder you drink. These damn women have got to be exhausting.

Emily chastises Richard for raising his voice. He denies it, and she says that, in fact, he is raising his voice to her. "Well," he says, glancing at Rory, "I'm not allowed to raise it to the people who deserve it." Lorelai panics and does another countdown after which Richard musters all his effort into changing the subject, shouting, "I LOVE SHRIMP. WHO ELSE LOVES SHRIMP?" With impeccable timing, Rory shouts, "Me!" and Lorelai happily says she's also a fan. "This is ridiculous," Richard says, and Emily takes over, asking Lorelai how Luke is doing. "Nice one, Mom," Lorelai says proudly of Emily's conversation-changing skills. Except Emily actually wants to know about Luke. And how he's doing. And the date for their wedding. And why she has not received a save-the-date card. And if she needs a dress. And...everything. Under pressure, Lorelai blurts that the wedding will be June 3rd. Rory gives her mother a worried look, but Emily has already moved on: "June 3rd...that's very soon." She asks pointedly if there is any specific reason it's so soon. "Oh, boy," Lorelai groans as her mother continues repeating the date and commenting on how soon it is. She says that they have not seen Luke in a long time and that it's important that they get together with him before the wedding. Lorelai tries to stall, but to no avail. Emily insists that Lorelai bring him to dinner next Friday. The browbeat is so strong, Lorelai looks close to bugging out, and to calm her, Rory gives her a countdown as we go into the credits.

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