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I'll Give A Imitation Of A Crawfish
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"Thanks for waiting, Miss Pierce," a professorial gent begins as he enters a clubby, wood-paneled room with an important-looking binder in his hand. He's trailed by a colleague played by the easily recognizable character actor (and occasional drag queen) Jack Plotnick, whom the initial gentleman politely introduces as "Doctor Leonard Hauptman" before identifying himself as "Doctor Donald Langdon, Dean of the Mathematics Department here at MIT." Our charming little Brit-Brit beams brightly at the distinguished professors by way of reply, and assures them both that plain old "Brittany" will suffice for the remainder of their conversation, as opposed to the far more formal and stuffy-sounding manner of address to which they are apparently accustomed.

Wasting very little time, the good Doctor Hauptman admits to Brittany that when The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology got wind of her near-perfect SAT scores, they were more than a little skeptical, seeing as how Brit-Brit's grade-point average currently stands at 0.2, which means she's "never gotten higher than a D-minus." "Is that why I had to take that math test this morning?" Brittany wonders. Indeed it is, as the good Doctor Langdon confirms. "And how did I do?" Brit-Brit quite reasonably asks. "You scored a zero," the good Doctor Langdon blinks. D'OH!

The good Doctor Hauptman agrees that Brittany lacks "a basic understanding of even the simplest arithmetic," and he bemoans the fact that Brit-Brit chose to fill in her answer ovals with crayon -- which led to complete breakdown of the department's Scantron machine, of course -- before the two clearly befuddled academics ask Brittany to explain the cramped and complex series of numbers she doodled in a variety of vibrant colors on the back of the test sheet itself. "Yeah, I don't know," Brit-Brit shrugs. "I didn't know any of the answers on the test, so I had all these numbers swirling around in my head, so I just decided to write them all down so my brain would stop feeling so tickly." As the good Doctor Langdon projects the numbers in question onto a nearby screen, the good Doctor Hauptman rises to his feet to express his unvarnished astonishment at what our dear little Brit-Brit has wrought, and here's where the scene completely falls apart because the dolts on this show's writing staff are clearly as innumerate as dizzy Brittany over there. She hasn't somehow offered up an elegant and simple proof for something like Beal's conjecture, or anything like that -- she's simply scribbled down a series of integers that, when read in a variety of ways, form either an incredibly lengthy prime, the beginning of Avogadro's number, or the start of Planck's constant. Yawn.

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