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Beauty And The Beiste
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I hope everybody had a nice summer. If you followed my suggestion and watched The Choir on BBC America, then I know you had at least one good night each week all summer long. You know how they advertised it as a real-life Glee? It really kind of was, right down to the stock of characters. Choirmaster Gareth Malone, of course, filled in for Will (and, as I hoped, did not rap once). But there were also jocks that needed to be blackmailed into singing, sassy black divas, gay teenagers finding confidence to be themselves through song, mean girls whose rough exterior was revealed to be a cover for their insecurities, bad boys scheming to get dates, and even one special-needs little girl who stole everybody's heart. (She's the Brit-Brit of the show, if you couldn't guess.) There was no Sue and no Rachel, and nobody gave birth during any episodes. But it otherwise completely satisfied my need for Glee during the long hot summer.

But now it's fall, and we're ready to go back to school. You already know everything that's discussed during the previouslies, but it's worth noting that the announcer dude focuses less on how happy everybody was that the club got another year and much more on how unhappy they were that they lost at Regionals. So that's the frame of mind they'd like us to be in. So put on your sad faces.

Aaaaand we start right in with a handheld video shot of Jacob ben Israel, who is also and forever will be known as Jewfro. He's shooting a video clip on "Glee's Big Gay Summer," bringing us, and the readers of his blog, up to date on all the latest happenings. I really do wonder what his blog is called. Anyway, Jewfro begins by cornering Rachel and Finn, asking Rachel how she responds to rumors that she's hard to work with. Finn starts to answer in his capacity as Rachel's boyfriend, but she cuts him off to let everyone know that they've been dating all summer. Finn describes Rachel as a "controllist," and she quickly corrects him before agreeing that she is, indeed, controlling, because performing means so much to her. "And does my constant need to express my opinions annoy my fellow Glee Clubbers?" Finn, in a choked whisper: "Yes." And then he realizes that he lost track of what he was saying inside his head and what he was saying out loud.

Jewfro charges into the music room, where Will is sorting some sheet music. Jewfro: "How do you respond to a recent post on my blog [] saying that your Glee Club music selections sound like they come from a drag queen's iPod?" Will says that he tries to do something for everybody: "25% show tunes, 25% hiphop, 25% classic rock..." Jewfro: "100% gay!"

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