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Mullet With Headlights?
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Previously on Pee-Wee's Playhouse: "Home."

Frankenteen, Rachel, and Jesse St. James arrive in the music room to find Artie, Kurt, Mercedes, and Single-T Tina practically vomiting with laughter over a clip they're watching on Kurt's laptop. "You guys aren't watching the video of me falling off stage at my first Tiny Tots beauty pageant, are you?" Rachel frets. "That was Carrot Top funny compared to this comedic tour de force," Kurt assures her as we finally get a glimpse what's responsible for all this hilarity: A certain Miss Sue Sylvester sweatin' to the oldies in the supposed privacy of her trophy-lined lair. And the oldie in question? Nothing less than that seminal early-'80s classic "Physical" by Miss Olivia Newton-John. Jesse St. James, ever the erudite expert on all things musically inclined, approvingly notes of the song's original video, "It was pretty groundbreaking subject matter at the time, considering its depiction of fluid sexuality." No comment. Though I still want to make out with his hair. Call me, Jesse's Hair! Anyway, Kurt facetiously assures everyone present that, as far as the current video's provenance is concerned, he himself "certainly did not steal it" from Sue's locked file cabinet when Sue sent Kurt to her office to fetch her "hormone replacement injection" during Cheerios practice yesterday. "I'm posting this on YouTube," Frankenteen grins, lurching for the laptop despite Rachel's immediate and loud objections. "Do you think that's a good idea?" Rachel wonders, and Rachel, honey, no one who's sporting the sorts of Reichsm├Ądchen braids you've got twined around your head should be questioning Finn on what is and is not a good idea. Jesse St. James seems to agree with me, especially after Mercedes suggests that a YouTube posting would allow Sue Sylvester to "get a taste of some of the humiliation" Sue put the Glee Club through since the series began. "You guys need to stop being such asses," Jesse St. James contends, "and start being bad-asses." That's enough for Frankenteen, who snatches up the laptop while smiling, "Ten bucks it goes viral by lunch."

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