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The Lost Gleekend

Jump forward in time a few minutes to Will grading papers, giving every one of them an A+ in between swigs from a bottle of beer. After reaching the point where he's grading papers for students he doesn't even remember, he picks up his cell phone and hits a number on his quick-dial list. For some reason, Emma and Sue are right next to each other on that list. Why would Will even have Sue's number on speed-dial? It's clear that Will is calling Emma, because the voice mail message he leaves starts off, "Hey there... sexy lady." Anyway, it's a drunk-dial-booty-call situation, but we leave the scene before we hear the rest of the message."

The next day, Will is hung-over and walking down the hallway when Figgins assails him with a loud and cheerful voice to note how excited he is to see New Directions perform at the assembly. Which I guess is today? Figgins is optimistic that there won't be any kind of sex riot at the assembly. Will leaves him to get away from his loud voice and Drakkar Noir, only to run into Emma. Will is incredibly embarrassed to see her, but she seems prepared to ignore the message he left for her. (HINT!) Will cops to drunk dialing Emma, but she didn't get the message. Will leaves her wondering what he might have said that would be so embarrassing and runs off down the hallway. And then he runs into Sue, who tells him she's made arrangements for him to be committed for 48 hours so he can get the wet devil out of his system. (HINT!) Sue tells Will that she's trying to help him, so he'll be at his strongest when she destroys him.

So Kurt has skipped school? To continue Burt's education in the art of brunch? And Burt has also skipped work? This episode is kind of like The Doctor's wife on Doctor Who -- nothing is happening in the right order, but I'm not sure if it's my fault or the show's. (Who am I kidding? I know it's the show's fault.) Burt is sampling some strawberries while Kurt lectures him on the importance of egg whites to making a good soufflé. And then they take a soufflé out of the oven that has totally fallen. Kurt's kind of pissy about it, and then he apologizes to Burt and tells him that he's preoccupied with Blaine, since he's acting interested in Rachel. Burt doesn't get it, since he thought Blaine was gay. All of this is just a way to lead up to Burt telling Kurt that it's not okay for him to have boys (gay ones, at least) sleep in his room without getting some kind of permission, just like it wouldn't be okay for Finn to have a girl sleep in his room. It's all just a rehash of Kurt acting put-upon and Burt having to fend off accusations of homophobia while trying to make a valid point. It's a little less one-sided this time, because you can tell that Burt actually is uncomfortable thinking about actual gay sex as opposed to his actual gay son. Commercials.

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