City of Angels

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City of Emotional Manipulation
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Previously, on Glee, it's time for Nationals! And Sue has threatened to shut the New Directions down if they don't win. Thanks for the reminder, "Previously on Glee" guy!

Will is in his office when Sam enters. Will wants to talk to him about stepping up and acting like the leader of the New Directions. Because the group has to have a single leader, and Sam has shown such clear and convincing leadership qualities... I'm sorry, I can't do it. There's absolutely no reason for Will to call on Sam to be the group's leader, rather than Artie or Blaine or Tina. For God' sake, he doesn't even know how to wash his own hair. And while I doubt this is the writers' intent, it's kind of suspect that the guy picked out as the "natural leader" just happens to be the straight, white, able-bodied man. Blech.

Tina enters Will's office and calls the two of them into the choir room, where Burt and Carol have just arrived. They are there to give a sweet and slightly morbid pep talk about how proud Finn was of them and how they should enjoy themselves, because all life is fleeting. We also learn that Burt and Carol are going to come to L.A. with the kids. And then Will decides they need a little "mood music" before hitting the road. He gives the signal to Tinkles, and then starts in on Randy Newman's "I Love LA." Blaine soon takes over the lead, and then the song transitions from the music room to the upper deck of an open-air bus cruising around L.A. What I get out of the song is that the number one tourist destination in L.A. is a chili-dog stand.

Hotel lobby. Will is running into some kind of difficulty with check-in. The kids stand behind him and look around, hoping to spot a celebrity. But the only person they see is Ms. Mercedes Jones. And she's dressed up in a fairly glam manner. It turns out that she was selling her self-produced debut album in a convenience store parking lot when she got a pity purchase from a woman who turned out to be Kanye West's housekeeper. Which led to Mercedes being asked by Sony Records to write songs for some of their top acts. Which she only agreed to do if they would also give her a deal for an album. So now, after all her weeks and weeks of struggle, she's on her way to stardom. What a charming story.

Back at the desk, Will is discovering that Sue (calling in her guise as an L.A.P.D. detective) has called the hotel to cancel his reservation and warn the clerk that "a 50-year old Ohio man, with a perm, has abducted twelve emotionally disturbed teenagers, and if he tried to make a reservation, [the clerk] was to call the F.B.I."

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