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Crisis On Earth Glee!

Title card, which has been transformed into the Glee Signal.

Hallway. Jake approaches Marley (neither of whom is wearing a superhero costume) to ask her out. Before she can reject him, Ryder strides up and claims her Friday as his own, since she agreed to come to the football team's away game that night. The two boys start acting like dicks to each other, and quickly come to (pathetic) blows. Finn happens to be walking by, and he breaks them up, with backup from Asian Persuasion and Queen Bee. Finn reminds them both to be at glee club practice in twenty minutes.

Cut to Finn (who's wearing a Schuesterian sweater vest, by the way) staring at the picture of the dead glee club instructor who once inspired Will. The members of the club have gathered. Finn ineffectually calls them to order and welcomes Ryder and Kitty as their newest members. Asian Persuasion asks whether they shouldn't vote on allowing mean girl Kitty into the club, but Finn reminds her that they have to have twelve members for Sectionals, so they really don't have a choice. Asian Persuasion suggests he call Santana, "since she's apparently better than anyone who's enrolled here." Is her power manipulation, or snark? Was she bitten by a radioactive Santana?

Finn goes to write something on the white board, a la Will, but the marker breaks and he can't find any others, throwing him into a tizzy. So he abandons that and tells them that his idea for a theme for Sectionals is that they perform all Foreigner songs, in foreign languages, while dressed in foreign costumes. Nobody's impressed, and Night Bird reminds him that, as reigning national champions, they need to be the very best. And then Night Bird gets up to leave the room, to go fetch the trophy that Finn hadn't even noticed was missing.

Cut to Finn walking down the hall with the Beiste Master (Coach Beiste), faculty advisor to the superhero club. Her power is to be able to digest any substance -- which is reinforced by her emblem, a giant "BM." Finn thinks the entire superhero craze is moronic, but the Beiste Master tells him that putting on a mask gives you the freedom to be the person you see yourself as. I think it's moronic, but I'm also enjoying the cracky humor it's bringing to this episode, so I'm going to let it pass. (Especially since I'm confident it will never be mentioned again.) She thinks the world could use more heroes. By now, they've arrived at the teacher's lounge, where there's no Sue to bar Finn's entry. Is Sue off having an adventure with Not-So-Unique, who's also not in this episode? He tells her that his first day as glee club coach was a total flop, and she suggests he try to approach them on their level by donning a pair of tights.

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