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Crisis On Earth Glee!

Kitty slams Marley's locker shut and hands her some sheet music, telling her that she's taken the liberty of picking a song for the two of them. She also doesn't care what superhero Marley chooses to be, since she's already decided to be Femme Fatal, "'cause in French, it means 'kill women.'" I see that McKinley's French teacher is as competent as its former Spanish teacher.

As the two girls walk away, we see Jake approach Ryder to try to get him agree to skip the whole assignment, since nothing will get the two of them to like each other. Ryder: "Fine, don't do it and get booted out of glee club. Mega Stud won't complain." Jake can't believe Ryder has chosen "Mega Stud" as his alter ego, since that's who Jake is. They engage in an overacting stare-off, and then launch into The Clique's "Superman." I mean, they're in the music room when they start, both dressed in classic Clark Kent costumes, which they soon rip off to reveal matching "MS" uniforms. They're both trying to sing the song to their bland version of Lois Lane while Kitty looks on in silent rage. Their one-upmanship in pursuit of Marley leads to shoving which leads to punching which leads to Treble Clef ending the song early.

Auditorium stage. Treble Clef is lecturing the two Mega Studs about the goal of the assignment, which was to bring them together. He's decided on a new tactic -- making them each reveal their deepest fear to each other. He thinks if they learn each other's kryptonite, they'll understand they aren't so different. Man, Finn really is just as stupid as Will.

A three-color print and musical sting brings us to the music room again, where Finn, in his civilian clothes, is manipulating tiny mannequins with New Directions members' faces glued to them, planning a dance routine. Blaine enters and Finn asks him how it's going with the plan to recover the trophy. Blaine casually lets it drop that he sang with the Warblers while he was at Dalton, and tells Finn that he felt so welcomed by them and is starting to wonder if he shouldn't be back there. Finn asks him if this is all about Kurt, and Blaine tells him that while he's at McKinley, he can't escape the memory of Kurt. He also acts like he's doing it for the New Directions' benefit, since Finn "needs a team that's gonna gel." Finn: "Yeah, we need a team with lots of gel. And you're, like, the biggest part of that." It is true that if Will and Blaine both left McKinley at the same time, the sale of men's hair product in Lima would plummet. Blaine doesn't care what effect his decision will have on the local beauty supply industry -- he thinks the Warblers are his destiny. Commercials.

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