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Crisis On Earth Glee!

We immediately cut over to the music room, and this performance is H-O-T-T. They sound great together, they dance around with the whip that Femme Fatale is holding. And there's a very funny part where Femme Fatale spins her whip, creating a breeze that gives Woman Fierce a total wind machine effect. After they finish, to rapturous applause, Brit-Brit announces to the room at large, "I don't smell raspberry hair gel. Does anybody know where Blaine Warbler is?" Finn tells them that Blaine's been having a tough time, to which Asian Persuasion responds, "Oh, boo hoo. Get over it, it's like a bad Lifetime movie." She changes her snarky tune when Finn finishes his sentence by telling them that Blaine's decided to finish his senior year at Dalton. Doctor Y: "He's been taken by the dark side." Commercials.

Finn is walking down the stairs when Jake approaches him with a secret about Ryder that he has to share. We cut to Finn and Ryder walking into a classroom where they're welcomed by the school district's special education director. Finn has lured Ryder there to meet her and get some help. Ryder gets defensive, but Finn calms him down and leaves him with the nice woman for some tests.

We see some of the testing, and what we learn is that Ryder is fine at reading familiar words that he's seen before, but can't read nonsense words or words whose letters don't look normal (like the word "egg" spelled backwards). Which probably explains why he couldn't read Jake's note, since nobody's handwriting looks like anybody else's handwriting.

After the testing, he emerges from the classroom and finds Finn waiting for him in the hallway. Finn: "It's not a brain tumor, is it?" Oh, poor, sweet, stupid Finn. Ryder tells him he's dyslexic. Ryder gives a nice, teary speech about how he felt like a secret failure his entire life, and he's been terrified that his PhD parents would have rejected him if he'd known how stupid he was. It's a really nice performance -- did Ryan Murphy pay for acting lessons for all the Glee Project kids? (Also, as pointed out in the forums, the process of diagnosing and then developing a plan for a kid with a learning disability is way more complicated than this. If you're looking for reality in your TV shows, you're watching the wrong show.) Ryder thanks Finn, and Finn tells him that it's really Jake that he should thank. Commercials.

Cafeteria. Jake, in line to get food, chats with Marley's mother. And then some jackass jock calls her "dump truck." And another one calls Jake "kosher cappuccino." Jake tells them how much he's looking forward to kicking both their asses, but one of him points out all the other jocks surrounding them, ready to jump into the fray. And then Ryder interrupts and tells them that if they're going to go after Jake, they have to go through Ryder first. And then Artie, Tarantula Head, and Queen Bee also jump in to defend Jake. Notwithstanding the fact that Queen Bee is wielding a very menacing plastic fork, I'm not sure these three are really going to cause many miscreants to cower in fear. The asshole jocks leave. Jake asks Ryder why he did that, and Ryder tells him that Jake had his back, so he's got Jake's.

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