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Crisis On Earth Glee!

Hollywood Boulevard. Puck, dressed in a superhero costume of his own, is posing for pictures and fleecing tourists of their hard-earned Euros. His phone rings, and it's Jake. Or, as Puck halls him, his "half-bro with the afro." Jake, who I guess must have been talking with Puck off camera since they met (?), wants advice on what to do about the fact that he likes a girl who is dating a guy who turns out to be a good friend to Jake. Puck's advice is to wait it out, since his powerful Puckerman pheromones will naturally draw her in after she gets bored with the other guy. Bye, Puck! See you in six episodes.

Blaine is cleaning out his locker when Sam walks up to him and asks him to admit that he's not really going back to Dalton. When Blaine denies that it's all part of some secret plot (which is exactly what he would say if it was a secret plot), Sam pretty astutely diagnoses Blaine's departure for Dalton as another way to punish himself, but Sam doesn't know what he's punishing himself for. So Blaine admits that he cheated on Kurt, and we see a flashback to him sitting on the edge of a guy's bed and putting his shirt on while the guy hovers, out of focus, in the background. It was a low moment, when he feared he and Kurt weren't going to last, but as soon as it happened, he knew that he wanted to be with Kurt forever. Sam tries to reassure him that Kurt will eventually forgive him, which Blaine thinks is just not true. Sam: "Even if he doesn't forgive you, you gotta forgive yourself. Stop... what's the word when you make someone into a villain?" Blaine: "Villainize?" Poor, sweet, stupid Sam. Sam tells Blaine that what he did to Kurt was wrong, but he can't make it right by punishing himself. Blaine: "I just want to stop feeling like I'm a bad person." Sam tells him he's not a bad person, and asks him for one day to prove that to him.

Cut to the auditorium stage, where Sam, later joined by Sam, sings David Bowie's "Heroes." (Enjoy that video of Alien David Bowie, by the way.) We see the glee kids painting over some graffiti. The painting quickly turns into a paint fight. Which, (1) gross, and (2) who the hell is going to clean up that sidewalk now? We also see the Blond Chameleon and Night Bird staffing a table for a canned food drive at the school. Sam organized both of these projects in one day? Maybe the dumb blond act is really just an act after all. After the song finishes, Sam asks Blaine if he's convinced him to stay. Blaine tosses a mask to Sam and tells him they have one more heroic mission to go on before he announces his decision.

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