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Return to Sender

The Auditorium Formerly Known as the April Rhodes Civic Pavilion. Mr. Schue leads the kiddies over to a wall above the stage manager's desk in the wings, where he's moved the plaques commemorating Dead Finn and Lillian Adler. "For as long as McKinley's around," Mr. Schue vows, "all the students who travel through this auditorium are gonna see these." "And have absolutely no idea who they are," Artie correctly observes. There are feelings, and chit-chat about those feelings, and then some more feelings, and then some more chit-chat about those feelings, and then come the tears and the hugs, and then everyone heads back to the music room to "make the most of" the "few days" they have until "Sue shuts the lights out" for good.

Meanwhile, up in the flies, Gwyneth Paltrow says, "I mean, I know we gotta finish our wine first, but when we do, we cannot let that glee club go the way of the dodo!" "Oh, I couldn't have said it better myself," Orange April agrees, adding, "Holly Holliday? We are going to save that glee club!" No, you're not. We've all read all of the articles about this show's permanent move to New York, so stop lying. Now. The two ladies pay no attention to me, because they never pay attention to me, and as they clink their glasses together one last time, we finally cut to black.

Next week: Graduation, among other things, including yet another version of that Journey song. See you then!

Demian is grateful he'll remember at least one song they'll be playing next week. You may reach him at

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