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Return to Sender

Anyway, Mr. Schue moves to the center of the floor to remind them all, "Way back in the old days when I started The Glee Club, I would give an assignment, and then I would I would give a little demonstration of what I was looking for." Hoots and hollers erupt from the cheap seats until Santana warns, "You all cheer now, but just wait 'til he starts rapping." Heh. Mr. Schue promises there will be no embarrassing white-boy hip-hop today, but he has invited in a special guest for an assist -- a guest whose "contributions helped save The Glee Club" "way back when" -- Miss April Rhodes! Tiny little Kristin Chenoweth bursts through one of the doors with a jolly, "Hey, y'all!" and as the kiddies offer her a warm round of applause, Single-T Tina leans in towards Stupid Boring New Idiot Rachel to enthuse, "She once taught me how to shoplift meat in my vagina!" Hee! Also: This evening's title card.

We return just as April Rhodes is catching the kiddies up on recent events in her life -- a certain "Mr. Moneybags" bought her a Caribbean island, mainly to keep her away from his suspicious wife. After Mr. Schue thanks her for sharing "that wonderful lesson in female empowerment," April tells the kiddies to hoist one of the plastic champagne flutes she's placed on the piano. "Will and I want you to raise your glass," she explains, "to celebrate The Glee Club by singing hands-down the best song New Directions ever did!" "Wait a second," Dreamboat Blaine interrupts. "New Directions never sang 'Raise Your Glass,'" he continues. "The Warblers did that." "I was wondering why it didn't annoy me every time I heard it in my head," April admits. And with all that out of the way, April hops down from the piano to leap into the song in question. I have to admit, I have zero memory of the original performance from three years ago, and I'm not the biggest Pink fan in the world, so this is kinda doing absolutely nothing for me at the moment. It doesn't help, of course, that it's yet another spinny-camera-in-the-music-room type of deal, this with so many jump cuts that it's almost impossible to tell what anyone's really doing, though I do smile when Santana, Quinn, and Brittany jump up on the risers to reference the moves from their very first number together. I should also probably note that April Rhodes takes a couple of healthy swigs from the flask she's smuggled inside her garter, so: Atta girl. Nice to know you're still on the sauce, honey.

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