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BreadstiX. "I've never really noticed, because I haven't spent that much time around them," Gayface observes, "but poor people are generally less attractive than rich ones." "I love you," Quinn more or less replies, because his family is obscenely wealthy, and she's about to unload a couple more lies about her past on him when Santana, Artie, Old Puck, and Gaylord Wiener enter the restaurant. Biff promptly invites them over to the table, and Santana starts the conversation off like so: "Word on the street is that you're old mone. I'm a lesbian, but I'm totally into that." Atta girl. Various other introductions are made, and then Biff asks the other Old Directions to describe Quinn in one sentence. "She's constantly surprising you," Gaylord Wiener replies without hesitation, adding, "Like, one year, she showed up to school in the fall and decided she wanted to be a skank." "She dyed her hair pink," Santana agrees, "she got a Ryan Seacrest tattoo, and then she lit a purple piano on fire!" Quinn laughs a little too loudly at all of this, insists her old friends are just messing with her new boyfriend's head, and quickly sends him out to the car to fetch her lipstick and "lady things." The instant he's gone, Quinn tightly reminds The Old Directions that she's trying to present herself in a very particular way because Gayface's family is "Philadelphia Main Line society," and if she can get in with them, she'll be set for life. She'll eventually tell him everything about her past, of course, but only when she's ready, and would the others please just leave her the hell alone? Please? Old Puck frowns, and he can just shut the hell up right now, because God alone knows what he'd do for a little of that sweet McIntosh cash.

Lair of the Sylvester. Long story short, Will and Orange April remind Sue that "The April Rhodes Charitable Foundation" controls the McKinley High auditorium, which means The Glee Club should be able to assemble there from now until the end of time. Or, you know, until The April Rhodes Charitable Foundation runs out of money. Sue takes a moment, then announces that she'll have her team review the foundation's documentation. "Let's hold off on any official announcements until then," Sue warns, but Will and April are already dancing off to celebrate their victory with some boxed wine. Because they're idiots.

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