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Even before the lights properly fade up, an epic chorus swoops in from out of nowhere to pillage the soundtrack, and as the voices rise to fill us all with a sense of ominous foreboding, we're reminded of three key moments from episodes past: Bloaty The Gravy Clown abruptly hiking his tongue down Miss Pillsbury's throat, Coach Sylvester portentously announcing the bride's premature departure from the wedding ceremony, and Frankenteen foolishly confessing his supposed sin. Dun-dun-DUN!

Cut to the McKinley High music room, where Frankenteen and Mr. Schue have arranged themselves on a couple of the cheap seats in order to face a solemn tribunal composed of an icily regal Single-T Tina, a habitually affable Artie and a supernaturally peppy Dreamboat Blaine. "Thank you for agreeing to this sit-down," Artie begins. "We've all noticed the tension between you ever since Finn admitted he kissed Miss Pillsbury," Artie continues, and with that, we...

...smear sideways to the recent past. Frankenteen lumbers into the music room, mumbling apologies for his tardiness, with his back bowed under the heavy burden of several Lima Bean carry-out trays. "Here are the lattes Mr. Schue made me get everybody!" he calls out, sounding just a wee bit annoyed. Mr. Schue takes a sip from his cup, immediately detects an overabundance of mocha flavoring therein, and snippily sends the hapless Old Finn back to The Bean for a fresh batch. Bloaty The Gravy Clown gapes, and with that, we...

...smear sideways to the more recent past. "Sorry, Mr. Schue," an agitated Frankenteen blubs, "but all I did was pick up the vests!" "What's most upsetting," Mr. Schue snipes as he scratches away at an imaginary stain on one of his freshly dry-cleaned signature garments, "is that you actually think these vests are clean -- that it's okay to turn in subpar work!" Bloaty The Gravy Clown gapes, and with that, we...

...smear back to the present, where Single-T Tina coolly notes, "It's no surprise that Finn has been acting like he's losing his mind." And with that, we...

...smear sideways to the most recent past. "Great job, [New Finn]!" Mr. Schue shouts, rising to congratulate the impossibly broad-shouldered ukulele-sporting lunkhead in question. "See that, guys?" he continues. "Prowess on the football field and a terrific singing voice are not mutually exclusive!" Should I bother reminding everyone that Old Finn has generally sucked at both the football and the singing ever since we met him? Yeah, didn't think so. The camera zooms in on Frankenteen just in time to capture his massive freak-out as he lurches to his ungainly feet and shouts, "I can't take it anymore! It's bad enough you're treating me like your lackey, but I'm not gonna sit here while you fake-compliment [New Finn] just to hurt me!" Bloaty The Gravy Clown staggers from the choir room out into the hallway, intentionally upending a music stand as he goes, and with that, we...

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