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"We Have A Slight Coppery Odor"
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"Ha-ha!" a slickly attired Will fake-laughs to open the evening as he escorts a similarly attired Emma into a rather spare, white-paneled room with pronounced Art Deco accents. "Every Jack and Jill at The Carousel Club couldn't take their peepers off of you tonight!" he gaily continues. "Oh, applesauce!" Emma modestly pshaws by way of reply as she settles herself into a plushly upholstered chair. "Honest Injun!" Will swears, and you'll forgive me, I'm sure, for skipping the rest of this opening patter, because it's already made me positively homicidal, and we're barely eight seconds into this evening's presentation.

As noted above, both Will and Emma are rather slickly attired in almost-matching tuxedos, though Will's missing his jacket for whatever reason, and while I'm guessing Emma's going for a Dietrich-in-Morocco look, here, she's ended up far closer to Janelle Monáe, which is very sad for everyone.

In any event, Bad '30s Movie Parody Will hints at what's to come by claiming his love for Emma sends the world "topsy-turvy, like gravity was never invented" and as he offers her his hand...

...we cut to a black-and-white iris-out that's centered on the two in the center of the room, and what follows is a damn-near-perfect gem of a musical number. I've seriously watched this thing six times in a row, and I could easily watch it another dozen without getting tired of it. Basically, they've turned Fred Astaire's famous version of "You're All The World To Me" from Royal Wedding into a one long, single-take, deep-focus duet, and it's so well done, my brain pretty much shuts down every time I even attempt to comprehend all the work that went into getting it right. I'm utterly incapable of describing it, too, so just go ahead and watch it here if you missed it the first time around. Trust me, it's worth it. I think my favorite bits include the part where Matthew Morrison swoops under the desk to land on his feet on the opposite wall, and the part where he swings from the far chair for a little bit before hopping up to the ceiling, and the part where Jayma Mays turns herself into a rather curvaceous upside-down tchotchke while he does a little soft-shoe on the wall behind her. Abso-frigging-lutely delightful, and I absolutely mean that. And when it's over...

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