Guilty Pleasures

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Here They Go Again
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Hallowed Halls Of Dear McKinley High. As Lady Lips Von Bieberhausen slams shut his locker, Dreamboat Blaine -- in full Cheerios drag, of course -- flashes an impressive wad of cash and near-whispers, "Here, and you don't have to thank me." "Dude," Lady Lips dudes, looking mightily confused, "what are you doing?" "I know what you've been up to," Dreamboat Blaine cryptically replies, "and it just has to stop."

Smear sideways to the previous afternoon. While shortcutting through the cafeteria pantry on his way to the parking lot -- a route that cuts fifteen seconds from his daily routine, in case you were wondering -- Dreamboat Blaine spots Lady Lips Von Bieberhausen shoving packages of dry spaghetti into his backpack. DUN!

"I know your dad's been struggling," Dreamboat Blaine explains back in the present, "and I just want to help -- help you feed your family!" Lady Lips looks deeply uncomfortable, and he spins around to beat a hasty retreat, but Dreamboat Blaine won't let the matter drop. "Hunger's a big problem in this country!" he calls out, giving chase. "Although so is obesity," he realizes, "which is confusing." For whatever reason, Lady Lips decides to stop running and, after securing a vow of silence from Dreamboat Blaine, he cops to his recent bout of pasta-related larceny while insisting, "It's not for dinner -- it's for art!"

Cut to the McKinley High art studio, where Lady Lips Von Bieberhausen removes his hands from Dreamboat Blaine's eyes while asking, "So, what do you think?" "Are those..." Dreamboat Blaine delicately inquires by way of response, "...macaroni portraits?" The camera finally hops around to let us see what the boys are looking at, and yes, Blaine, those really are macaroni portraits. "They're my guilty pleasure," Lady Lips explains, quite conveniently name-checking the episode's title in the process. "My art teacher thinks I'm some sort of genius, like the ugly guy in Shine, except with macaroni." "Is that Emma Stone?" Dreamboat Blaine gasps, amazed. Indeed it is, doll, along with Falcor, a corpse, ZZ Top and St. Gay Of Lima. "The macaroni really captures him," Blaine sighs, getting all misty-eyed. Sam solemnly nods his head, and the two share a respectful moment of silence in honor of Blaine's ex-boyfriend. Hee.

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