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I Don't Think You Ready For This Jelly
gle-T Tina takes the lead on this one, and it's a lovely rendition, even if the song itself seems to be just the tiniest bit ubiquitous at this point in its pop-culture life. Then again, the seeming ubiquity of "True Colors" might just be a gay thing, so what the hell do I know? In any event, a lot of loving and/or guilty and/or wistful and/or rueful and/or completely-befuddled-and-kind-of-freaked-out-by-all-of-the-attention-he's-so-undeservedly-getting-Finn glances shoot amongst tonight's primary players (with the notable exception of my special TV girlfriend, Santana Lopez), and in the end, Mr. Schuester saw that it was good, because the dimwit thinks he's God, or something.

I have no idea what's happening next week because the promo was awfully thin on plot points, but I do know they're singing "Jump" by Van Halen, and I'm pretty sure it's going to be awesome.

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