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Sugar High
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Music room. Various couples (Tina and Mike, Rachel and Finn, Santana and Brit) cavort, while Kurt looks glum. Will enters, and we see that he's already written "World's Greatest Love Songs" on the white board. Because that's the club's assignment for Valentine's week -- to sing some great love songs. You might think this is just more of Will's procrastination, since the club really should be planning for Regionals, which is just a week away. But there's actually some method to his stupidity this week -- they still need to raise money for costumes, and he plans to have the kids offer a Valentine's-themed singing telegram service to raise that money.

The kids (other than Rachel) are dismayed that he plans to publicize this service by having them serenade each class, but Sugar (wearing a sea of red silk and satin and heart-shaped shades) puts everybody's mind at rest when she donates the $250 they need to raise. Everyone claps, which delights Sugar: "I love the sound of applause, even if I have to pay for it." She tells them all to look under their chairs ("Except for you, Artie. Your chair kept moving, so I hid your surprise in the waste basket."), where she has placed a heart-shaped box of chocolates. All of this is just part of her way of inviting them to the huge V-Day party her father is throwing for her at the Sugar Shack, which is what she's calling Breadstix for the night. But no single people are allowed at the party: "They're sad. And boring. And they don't exist in my world." Mercedes points out that Sugar is single. Sugar: "Not for long." Which catches the attention of Artie and Rory the Leprechaun, who have each been giving Sugar the eye during this scene. Title card.

Auditorium. Rachel and Finn enter from opposite doors. They're surprised to see each other, since they each received an urgent message from Mandy Patinkin to meet in the auditorium. And that's when they hear the strains of "Chapel of Love," being sung not well by Rachel's fathers on the stage. As publicized, Rachel's fathers are being played by Jeff Goldblum (as Hiram) and Brian Stokes Mitchell (as Leroy).

After just a few lines of the song, they take a break to bicker. Rachel wants to know what her fathers are doing at the school, since they've never before even bothered to show up for a single performance of hers. They're there because Kurt told Burt about Finn and Rachel's wedding plans, and Burt shared the news with Carole, and Carole shared it with one or both of Rachel's dads. Finn starts to apologize for not having asked their permission, but Leroy interrupts him to let him know that they're there to offer their congratulations and their blessing. But not without also slyly dropping some cold facts on them about the divorce rate of idiots who marry in their teens. They want to start the planning for the wedding with a Valentine's Day dinner at their house, with Finn and his family as their guests. Well, that'll be interesting.

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