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Journey's End
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Previously, on Glee -- well, you already know, or you wouldn't have been watching the finale. I'd rather talk about what we're going to use to fill the empty void in our souls while we wait for the second season of Glee to start. I have two suggestions that might help you make it through the long, long summer. First, The Choir, on BBCAmerica. It's just chock full of rags-to-riches stories about the kind of empowerment you can find in musical expression. And I'm guessing that cutie-patootie choirmaster Gareth Malone will not start rapping, ever. Next is Beautiful People on Logo. It's gayer than Kurt's sailor hat in this episode, the boys are apt to burst into showtunes at the drop of a hat, and the writers appear to share a drug supplier with the writers of Glee, because the plot of any given episode is about as insane as you can possibly imagine. Between those two shows, you'll undoubtedly find a big enough supply of the fierce and fabulous to make it until next fall.

Will is hanging a poster in the hallway, inviting students to support New Directions at Regionals that Saturday. (Of course, the poster fails to give the time or location of Regionals, thus demonstrating why Will is part of McKinley High's brain trust.) Sue walks by and tells him she's looking forward to seeing him on Saturday. Will can't believe she would show up to support the club -- but she's not coming to show her support, she's coming to Regionals as a judge.

Flash sideways to the Maharishi's Sanctum of Screaming. In this case, it's Will doing the screaming, insisting that Figgins cannot let Sue destroy the Glee Club by acting as a judge. Figgins, demonstrating that as bad a principal as he is he's still smarter than Will, reminds him that he doesn't actually have any control over the actions of the Show Choir governing board. If they want to invite a teacher from one of the schools in the competition to judge that competition, it's beyond the powers of Figgins, the Show Choir Code of Ethics, or the laws of logic to do anything about it. Sue tells Will that the decision was made to invite celebrities to be the judges, and she's in as the super-celebrity coach of the Cheerios. Will starts to talk to her about hard work and how wrong it is to crush the dreams of children when Sue interrupts him: "I have to be honest, Will, I'm having a really difficult time hearing anything you have to say today, because your hair looks like a briar patch. I keep expecting racist animated Disney characters to pop up and start singing songs about livin' on the bayou." Sue is also offended at the idea that she won't be anything but an impartial judge. Will: "You leaked our set list at Sectionals, Sue." Sue: "I have no memory of that." Figgins has a good memory, however -- he reminds Will that New Directions must at least place at Regionals or he'll disband the club. Title card.

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