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I Said "Makeover," Not "Make Out"

McKinley. Brit-Brit approaches Artie at his locker and asks him to run with her as her vice-presidential candidate in order to help her secure the robot vote. Come on, Brit -- he's a cyborg, not a robot. She offers him the chance to be the power behind her vacuous throne. He's intrigued and decides to accept her offer when he realizes that being elected might help him get dates. Does he not realize how high school works? Being student council V.P. does not really work as a chick magnet.

Music room. Will tells the kids that as national champs, the school gets to host the National Show Choir Rules Committee meeting. We get a barrage of meta jokes about how the competition rules never make sense and seem to change from episode to episode. Jacob asks if they shouldn't start working on their competition pieces. He is new, so I'll excuse him for not being familiar with Mr. Schue's last-minute, seat-of-the-pants leadership style. Will claims to have tons of ideas, while his voice-over tells us that he has absolutely no ideas. Brit interrupts to question Blaine's place of birth and to announce that Artie is going to be her running mate, helping to lock up the vending machine vote. The bell rings and everybody leaves. Didn't this class and/or after school activity just start?

Sue finds Will in the teacher's lounge, where he's torn between competing with a set list made up of classic TV themes or a salute to autumn. Sue notes that those are horrible and Will tells her that he's run out of ideas. She speaks for me when she tells him that he never had any -- he just had tons of enthusiasm as he pursued his dream. But now that he's achieved it, that drive is gone. She suggests he find a new job -- "Your complete lack of adult friends means you're well on your way to your career as a pedophile birthday clown." Well, he's got the hair for it.

Hallway. Sam approaches Brit and asks her why she didn't choose him as her running mate. She tells him she was worried that campaigning together would ruin their friendship, the way it did when Sarah Palin ran with her grandfather. But she does think that Sam would be a great veep, so she leads him over to Blaine and suggests that Blaine choose Sam as his running mate. Blaine's bow tie is clearly tied too tight, as he accepts this proposal. At which point Brit challenges him to a debate. As she walks away, Sam quietly asks Blaine what a debate is. You guys, I think Sam is what Ralph Wiggum will be when he grows up. Commercials.

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