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I Said "Makeover," Not "Make Out"

Mode... I mean, "" conference room. Isobel has gathered her team together to hear their pitches on the theme of "leather" while Kurt quietly distributes coffee. The ideas or horrible, but Isobel doesn't seem to realize that. She also tells them to think "out of the box." She ends the meeting and asks Kurt to join her in her office, where she points out that he was making faces at all the ideas. He tells her that "unexpected leather" should be in the back pages of The Village Voice... says the guy wearing a piece from a studded leather harness as a cravat. Isobel agrees, but tells him that "Mandy, the receptionist" (which, come on, total shout-out to Ugly Betty) keeps asking her to do a piece on animal hides and Isobel can't bear to say no to her. Especially since her cat just died. She's also stupidly agreed to do a piece on "Spanx for cankles. Spankles." She whines to this intern about not being a good manager and not being able to say no to anyone. She's worried that the site will suck, and Anna will fire her and she'll become homeless. Kurt offers to let her bunk with him and Rachel in Bushwick. Isobel finds that appropriately horrible as an idea.

McKinley. Artie approaches Brit at her locker to tell her that according to the latest poll from Jewfro[less], 90% of the students plan to come to the debate. But that's because all of them expect her to say something stupid. Brit is discouraged, but Artie tells her that she's not stupid, she's just differently-intelligenced. He thinks they just need to focus on preparation. And then the camera swings over to Blaine and Sam. Blaine is telling Sam that he wants him to really focus on looking like a serious candidate, causing Sam to panic and bust out his horrible John Wayne impression. Which brings us to intercut scenes of Artie and Blaine trying to help their dimwitted compatriots prepare for the debate by asking them questions that they are completely unable to answer. Sam and Brit both zone out during this bit and they start singing Hole's "Celebrity Skin." Their shared psychotic break brings them to the stage of the auditorium, where they're both dressed in power suits as the school's flag twirlers practice their craft around them. You guys, Sam is so pretty. Have I mentioned that lately?

Meeting of the National Show Choir Rule Committee, which consists of Will and three other coaches, including the coach of that school for the deaf from the first season. Will zones out with boredom as one woman goes on about districting rules. Eventually, the teacher from the school for the deaf interrupts to scream about how pointless it all is, since the funding for his glee club has been eliminated. The big idea to fix things is to get a show choir representative on the blue-ribbon government panel that's studying arts funding in education. Because blue-ribbon commissions are a sure way to get things done. That's why America has conquered the scourge of obesity and eliminated its budget deficit. Will thinks that as a show choir director who just won Nationals, he has a shot to get on this panel. Which is great, because then we can get an entire episode of people we don't care about attending a committee meeting.

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