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I Said "Makeover," Not "Make Out"

New York street. Rachel is telling Kurt about how some horrible dance students were mean to her about her appearance and wardrobe. Because that is a completely new experience for her. Their conversation moves to dinner at the Improbably Bohemian Bushwick Loft, where Rachel is complaining that she's not getting the chance to reinvent herself that's supposed to come with being a college student. Kurt tells her that she can't reinvent herself until she reinvents her wardrobe. She complains that she can't afford a new wardrobe. Kurt asks, "Who says you'll have to pay for it." Um, the laws of market capitalism? He drags her away from the apartment. Commercials.

Kurt uses his passcard to drag Rachel right into the Mode... I mean "" vault, which is full of classic clothes. And then they're caught by Wilhelmina... I mean, "Isobel" and two security guards. She asks just what the hell is going on and when Kurt tells her he was going to give Rachel a makeover (and, I guess, steal all the clothes?), she dismisses the guards. She closes the door behind them and joins in on the makeover fun. So then Marc and Wilhelmina... I mean "Kurt and Isobel" give a makeover to Ugly Betty... I mean, "Ugly Rachel." While singing a mash-up of American standard "The Way You Look Tonight" and "You're Never Fully Dressed" from . Because sure, why not? Oh, and they make a video of all of this, for the website. They also unstraighten Rachel's hair, making her look just like Lea Michele.

Cut to Kurt Skyping with Blaine, who is watching the video in a window. Blaine is full of praise and happiness for Kurt. Although Kurt expresses a bit of interest in Blaine's campaign for Student Council President, he almost immediately turns the conversation back to himself when Blaine starts to talk about it. Commercials.

Emma's office. I almost forgot she was on this show. Will enters to get some professional advice. He tells her that he's thinking of applying for the blue-ribbon panel, but that it would mean leaving school for a few months. Really? I mean, I'd love to get rid of him, but what the fuck kind of government does the Glee universe have? Emma is totally supportive, and tells him to follow his dreams. Because presumably that will free her up to escape this show and make some movies.

Debate (which is in the auditorium, rather than the gym). Sue gives a mean and sarcastic welcome to the very few students who are there, noting that they will begin with a debate between the vice-presidential candidates, even though that job didn't even seem to exist last year. Backstage, Sam advises Blaine to lose the bowtie, since it makes him seem "uptight and like a young Orville Redenbacher." Come on, Sam -- everybody knows that Orville Redenbacher was never young. He was born with Benjamin Button disease, but then it was cured and he kept aging normally from there. The veep debate begins. Artie is full of facts and figures and drones on until everybody in the auditorium is as bored as I am. And then it's Sam's turn, and he strips off his shirt and dances. He's got my vote. I'd also like to slip a dollar into his underwear. We fade to the presidential debate, and Blaine is earnest and overwrought. And then Brit begins brilliantly by telling the audience that she loves McKinley. In fact, she loves it so much, she wants to abolish summer and weekends, so they can be together in school every single day. And as much as I want to lick every inch of Sam's torso, I must point out that Brit looks quite fetching in her faux glasses and with her hair parted off to the side. Commercials.

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