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I Said "Makeover," Not "Make Out"

Mode... I mean... aw, screw it, you know what I mean. Isobel calls Kurt into her office. He's afraid he's being fired... presumably for his plan to steal clothes from the vault. But she really wants to let him know that Anna saw the video and sent an e-mail saying it's great, which is the first nice thing she's said to Isobel since Isobel was hired. Of course, they're not going to use the video -- they're going to reshoot it with models in an exotic locale. But Kurt still gets credit for the idea. Kurt has a fox's face on his shirt and he's wearing a giant black and white fox tail clipped to his belt. Kurt is thrilled with the news and thanks Isobel. He also thanks her for helping give Rachel a makeover, as it caused Rachel to throw away her reindeer sweater. Are you sure your fox shirt didn't just hunt and devour her reindeer sweater? Isobel praises him for his optimism. She also tells him that she thinks he should focus on a career in fashion instead of going to Fake New York Theater School. And then she invites him to sit in on their next meeting as a participant, not just a gofer and invites him to lunch.

Dance studio. Rachel is stretching when Brody comes in. He praises her new makeover. Rachel tells him it's like she changed the outside and then her inside just followed, but he thinks her outside is just catching up to her inside. He's not planning to dissect her, is he? He pitches some woo and she gets bashful and walks over to the piano. It turns out she's there to work on a practice number, and he looks at the sheet music and tells her he loves the song. And then they sing Sheryl Crow's "A Change Would Do You Good." They dance together in the studio, but we also see them having fun about town. They finish the dance with her in his arms. He tells her she's amazing and then she invites him to her house for dinner.

Sue's office. Becky (yay!) plays a xylophone intro to an announcement Sue's making over the P.A. system. Sue has the election results, but before she reads them, she asks Becky for a xylophone flourish. There's a long pause as Becky just sits there. Sue: "No? Not feeling it?" Becky almost imperceptibly shakes her head "No." Funniest moment of the entire episode. Before Sue announces the results, we cut to commercial.

And we come back to Blaine's victory party, which is happening at BreadStix. Artie congratulates Blaine, who suggests he might have room for Artie in his administration. Artie tells him he already got what he wanted out of the election, since Sugar asked him on a date. "She asked me to go horseback riding. I'm hoping it doesn't involve being towed." Artie asks if Blaine has spoken to Kurt and Blaine tells an obvious lie when he claims he has. As Artie rolls away, Blaine pulls out his phone to call Kurt. But Kurt is chatting with his new Mode friends, and he doesn't answer the phone (even though he sees it's Blaine calling). Sam walks up to congratulate Blaine and notices that he's not doing so hot. Blaine tells him that he changed his whole life to come to McKinley to be with Kurt and now it all sucks since Kurt is gone and Blaine is there with no friends. Sam tells him that he's glad Blaine is there, since he's never had a gay bro before. He compares the two of them to Wolverine and Cyclops. Come on, Sam -- everybody knows that both of them are gay. Blaine is actually cheered up by this. And as he walks away, they each claim to be Wolverine. Nobody ever wants to be Cyclops. And then Brit joins Sam. She tells him that he'll be a great V.P. and he tells her that he actually voted for her. They have lovely airhead chemistry.

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