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Just to get this out of the way -- yes, Michael Jackson may or may not have molested kids. Not having been there, I don't really know. I do know that he became royally fucked up as he turned from that cute little boy into the freak show we saw him become, and anybody who contributed to that should feel really guilty. I also know, as this episode reminded me, that he has lots of great music in his catalog. So let's dive right in.

Stairwell. Santana (accompanied by fellow Troubletones Mercedes and Brit-Brit) tell Blaine and Kurt that the only reason New Directions won at Sectionals was because Tickles the Clown was high as a kite, but Kurt thinks it's really because New Directions performed the music of Michael Jackson (forgetting to mention that their performance featured the music of some other Jacksons, but whatevs). Mercedes is pissed because that Sectionals performance was apparently the one and only time this year the glee club will be allowed to perform Michael. Mr. Schue breaks into the conversation (which is still all in the hallway) to tell them that they could do some more Michael at Regionals. If he's already thinking about songs for Regionals, doesn't that mean the competition is tomorrow? Anyway, Blaine has the perfect idea for the MJ song they could perform at Regionals. And then he and his yellow pants break into "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'," right there in the hallway. And then on into the library, picking up the rest of New Directions (sans Sugar Motta). And then to the stage, where everybody is wearing Michael-appropriate costumes, including a spangly jacket for Blaine. Everybody gets a small dance solo (and Kurt is looking fine in some black leather pants -- the show's going to have to address the fact that he's turning into sex on a stick). And there are a couple of random dancers doing flips all over the stage. And then it's the title card.

Finn approaches Rachel in the hallway, telling her that it's been three days to the minute since he proposed to her, which is the amount of time she said it would take her to give him an answer. Rachel, you were supposed to use those three days to get him committed... or at least to get his mother to talk some sense into him. Instead of telling him how stupid he's being, she hems and haws about this not being the kind of decision you can make so quickly. Especially when you're STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL! She also reassures him that she loves him and wants to marry him "someday," but that he's pushing things really fast, and she doesn't get why. He points out that even if she doesn't get into Fictional Drama School, she's still going to move to New York, and she reminds him that she wants him to come with her. Finn just thinks their life together will be easier if they're wearing wedding rings. She starts to give him her answer, and he stops her and asks her to take a couple more days to think about it.

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