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It's Magically Disgusting!
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The camera fades up to find our dear little Brit-Brit lost in "thought" in front of her locker. Incidentally, Brit-Brit's locker still features her "Don't Stop Believing In Brittany" cover from American Cheerleader, which makes me wonder whatever happened to her Trendiest Girl In America subplot from last February, which is incredibly stupid of me for what should be painfully obvious reasons at this point in this show's scatterbrained run, and look at that! Some fresh-faced Oirish lad I've never seen before in my life has magically appeared at Brit-Brit's side to greet her with a chipper and heavily accented, "Top o' the mornin'!" This walking stereotype -- he's even got a green bowler yanked down around his ears, for Christ's sweet sake -- is apparently someone named Damian McGinty, an actual teenager who was one of at least four so-called "winners" on a basic-cable reality competition I did not watch, and according to various sources (i.e., his Wikipedia entry, because I'm really not that interested in reading much more about him), he's going to be around for at least seven episodes this season. So, you know: Get used to staring at his stereotypically weak jaw, kids, 'cause he's not going anywhere soon.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes: Dear little Brit-Brit asks the fey -- in many senses of the word -- nerdling how his first day at school went. As if in answer to that question, some random ponytailed jock stops by long enough to flick that ridiculous bowler off the kid's head in a manner most menacing before disappearing down the hall. "Wait," Brit-Brit gasps, "other people can see you?" The wisp of a lad remains silent, so Brit-Brit guesses, "But only because you let them?" "That's right!" beams the scrawn, much to Brit-Brit's giggly delight. Meanwhile, on the other side of the hallway, Frankenteen frowns to himself, for he's been openly eavesdropping on their entire conversation thus far, mainly because he's got nothing else to do this episode. Ooops! Spoiler! In any event, Brit-Brit next announces that she's been thinking quite carefully about things, and she's finally settled upon her first wish: "Your magical race? They make my favorite [Product-Placed Breakfast Cereal]. I really wish you would make me a box of [Product-Placed Breakfast Cereal] with all marshmallows." Speaking of marshmallows, Heather Morris sounds like she's got a mouthful of them in this scene -- I had to listen to that one line five goddamned times before I was able to decipher it -- and the esteemed Mr. McGinty's not doing much better, to be honest with you. Between his over-exaggerated accent and her marble-mouthed mumbling, I'll be very surprised if I hear a single word of theirs correctly this entire evening.

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