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You Call That a Prom?
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We start by diving into the least essential of the episode's storylines. Jewfro is waiting in a crowded hallway to get an on-camera interview with Puck about the race for prom royalty. I always wonder what Jewfro does with these videos. Are they for his website? The school's television station? His own masturbatory video collection? Who knows. In any case, his ambush of Puck (whom Jewfro insists on calling "Noah") is designed to do three things. First, let us know that prom is six days away. Second, let us know that Quinn and Finn have a ten-point lead over Puck and Lauren Tuna in the prom royalty election (with Santana and Karofsky following right behind in third place). Third, raise the idea in Puck's mind that by being so nice and supportive to his girlfriend, he's giving everyone the impression that he's been neutered. Puck threatens violence against Jewfro for raising the last point (which Jewfro did by asking if Lauren has possession of Puck's balls), but Jewfro has gotten a bit braver in recent weeks: "I'm not scared, I've been hit by a girl before." And that ends the interview.

Maharishi's Palace of Plot Contrivance. He's called in Sue and Will to break some bad news to the two of them. Sue assumes that the news is that Will is leaving McKinley due to her devious plan from last episode. As a going away gift, she hands him a spray bottle of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" so he "can keep that head merkin looking buttery fresh." The real bad news that Figgins has is that the band that he'd invited to perform at prom has cancelled. That band? Air Supply. But Figgins has decided to fall back on his second favorite musical group, the New Directions. Sue, as prom coordinator, is incensed at the idea. She thinks that the horrific screeching of the Glee Club will just increase the likelihood that some kid will try to spike the punch, which is served in the very punchbowl in which Sue's grandmother drowned herself. Will is also not that thrilled, because the kids need to practice for Nationals. But Figgins won't take no for an answer. On the plus side, he's offering the Glee Club the entire $400 he was planning on paying Air Supply, to use towards the costs of their trip to Nationals. Sue, recognizing that she's beat, whips out the list of her least favorite New Directions performances (which she keeps on her at all times) in order to insist that the songs not be performed at the prom. Number one on her list? "Run Joey Run."

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