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The show opens with the usual "Previously, on Glee..." guy, except that this week, in addition to reminding us about things we just saw in the last couple of episodes, he reminds us about the Constant Overlooking of Tina Cohen-Chang. You remember Tina, right? Original New Directions member, used to be T-T-T-Tina until she admitted the stutter was a fake and she became Single-T-Tina. Dated Artie before dating Mike Chang. Occasional vampire. Also recently known as "Asian Horror Movie." Yeah, her. Anyway, the show gets all meta by reminding us how much they've ignored this character.

Sue's office. She's called together Porcelain and Weezy (A.K.A. Kurt and Mercedes) to give them hell for encouraging that Vocal Adrenaline kid to perform as a woman, thereby creating a sensation in the show choir world. Mercedes reminds Sue that it was all her idea, but Sue's pregnancy hormones are causing a memory lapse because she has no recollection of that. Sue thinks Unique will lead Vocal Adrenaline to another national title, causing Sue to lose control of the Cheerios. So, in Sue's words, "It's time to fight fire with the flaming flames of additional flaming gay fire." By which she means she wants Kurt to do a solo in drag, under the name Porcelina Hummel. Kurt points out that being gay doesn't mean being into drag. Mercedes reminds him of his Halloween costume, which leads to a flashback to Kurt and Blaine trick-or-treating as Snooki and the Situation. I love that they spent hours of makeup and wardrobe and filming time to get that five second cutaway. Anyway, Kurt refuses to perform in drag, so Sue tells him to prepare for a New Directions loss. Title card.

Remember how last week was all about Rachel accepting the fact that her dream of attending the Fake New York Theater School was dead and that she would never be a Broadway star? Yeah, well forget about it. We see her writing in her journal that "[FNYTS] IS MY DESTINY." And then she sings Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up." It's one of those songs that she sings as she's going about her day, except that this time, she's in a spotlight, while everyone else stumbles around in the dark. Even her fantasies are selfish. She finishes the song on the auditorium stage (with nobody else present), and then immediately calls Carmen Thibodeaux to leave a fourteenth message begging Carmen to come to Nationals in Chicago to see Rachel perform.

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