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"I'm Sick Of Guys Who Ain't Got Their Shit Together."
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Study Hall. A supremely bored-looking Dreamboat Blaine slumps in the front row, clad in a typically asinine Purple Short-Sleeve Button-Down With Gold Bowtie combo, until an ominous thumpa-thumpa only he can hear sets his toes a-tapping. Soon enough, a glittery, whirling disco ball drops down from out of nowhere to spin this portion of the evening's opening scene into clear fantasy territory, and as Dreamboat Blaine slides from his seat to shimmy his oddly-dressed self into the opening lines of The Bee Gees' "You Should Be Dancing," his fellow students quite naturally remain oblivious to the whole thing. With the notable exceptions of Gaylord Wiener and Our Miss Brit-Brit, of course, the latter of whom hop to their feet to join Dreamboat Blaine as he struts this particular head party out into the hallowed halls of dear McKinley High, where the three prance and wiggle and thrust their collective way on down to...

...The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion, where the fantasy sequence quickly grounds itself in the reality of an enthusiastic performance staged by the trippy trio for the benefit of their fellow Glee Clubbers. Ad I gotta say, Darren Criss is doing a hell of a job keeping up with Harry Shum and Heather Morris, here. Well, as far as I can tell, given the choppy editing of this dance sequence. I suppose it doesn't really matter though, because Dreamboat Blaine looks super-hot in spite of his ridiculous clothing when he pulls this acrobatic, slow-motion, mid-air split towards the conclusion of the number, and isn't that all that counts in the end?

And when it's over, an applauding Mr. Schue makes his way up to the stage to ask, "What brought this on?" "Well," Dreamboat Blaine explains, "we knew this year's theme for Nationals was 'Vintage,' so we thought we needed something old, but something with a lot of energy, so we thought: Disco!" Mr. Schue is overjoyed, for as you'll no doubt recall, back when he was but a wee Glee Club sprog himself, his McKinley High squad won Nationals with a disco-themed performance, a brief snippet of which we flash back to now. I can't remember if this bit made it into the pilot as aired, but I do know it was in the version of the series premiere that won this show its sole Outstanding Directing Emmy to date, so there you go.

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