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Life's Candy, and the Sun's a Ball of Buttah
It's a musical comedy, remember? Butt Lunch, Gaylord Weiner, Santana Lopez, and Brittney are immediately tasked with whipping up a bit of song-appropriate choreography and, after Frankenteen regales them all with a pep talk I'll not be bothering to transcribe, Finn asks J-Fro, "Cool if I take my spot back?" "Quite," J-Fro fastidiously replies before admitting, "I was just here because I was hoping to get into Rachel's pants." Ew! Hee! Ew! Hee! Ew! Next, Puck and Quinn attempt to make amends, but Frankenteen is in no way ready to put up with that sort of crap right now, and he instead chooses to lumber over to Rachel, above whom he looms for a very long moment until she finally thinks to ask, "You okay?" "Don't worry about me, 'kay?" he smiles. "This is all up to you now -- you wanted the solo, you wanted the chance to be a star? This is your chance: Don't screw it up." It's no "You're going out a youngster, but you've got to come back a star!" but it'll do, I suppose. Finn offers her a friendly little grin before peeling off to join the furious rehearsal session already in progress on the far end of the room, leaving a suddenly jittery Rachel to panic herself all the way into the next commercial break.

Buckeye Civic Auditorium. Emma's taken her seat on the aisle and has already patched Will in via cell, so the two have nothing left to do except fret and babble at each other until the emcee strides out onto the stage to announce, "And now, our final team: McKinley High's New Directions!" A vamp I recognize instantly hits the soundtrack as the camera jumps backstage to capture Rachel steeling herself for the plunge through that forbidding curtain in front of her, and then...

...psych! She wasn't backstage at all! Nope, Rachel's rather daringly chosen to make her entrance through the audience, and without hesitation, she propels herself into her version of "Don't Rain On My Parade" from Funny Girl, and stone me if you must, but Barbra did it better. This show might want to consider avoiding iconic Broadway showstoppers in the future. Just saying. Or maybe I should stop watching the better-known originals while I'm recapping these episodes because, to be honest with you, while Barbra did it better, Lea Michele certainly is kicking a lot of ass, here. (And she's way more enjoyable to watch and listen to than her elder doppelganger was at last year's Kennedy Center Honors. Yeesh.) She starts off a little weakly, but I suppose that's meant to be a character choice, because by the time she's marching her band out in the form of the eleven other Glee Club kids making triumphant entrances of their own down the theater's side aisles, she's well into the sort of full-on belter wail I've grown to expect from this number, and once she hits and sustains that final note, I have no problems believing that Rachel's Sectionals audience would leap to its feet in rapturous applause as it now does. Maybe I'll watch it again.

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