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Life's Candy, and the Sun's a Ball of Buttah

Meanwhile, out in the hall, the McKinley kids are trying to eavesdrop on the deliberations through the door, and I really hope they can hear Ms. Landries as she complains, "Those Jane Addams girls? I'll be damned if I didn't apportion hundreds of thousands of taxpayers' dollars to that school so they can parade their behinds like a bunch of hoochie hos!" Candy ditzes something about appreciating New Directions' energy despite their obvious lack of rehearsal time, which allows Rod Remington to suave, "I have to admit I have a soft spot for The Rolling Stones -- I was at Altamont Speedway in '69! I actually saw that guy get stabbed! Can't get that image out of my noggin to this day." Wrong. So, so wrong. Hee! Candy's breathlessly impressed by Rod Remington's admission, but Ms. Landries wisely ignores it to continue to bitch about how pointless this entire competition is. "If I had to pick a group that I hated the least?" she begins, but we never get to hear the rest of her thought, for the camera's leapt back outside to the hall, where Artie glumly notes that it doesn't sound good for any of them. Barely have the kids had time to process that, however, when International Recording Artist Eve And Her Scraggedy-Ass Blonde Wig teeter down the hall towards them atop a precarious pair of pumps to confess to their Sue-inspired malfeasance, or whatever, and announce their intention to withdraw Jane Addams from consideration. Unfortunately, our lovely judges have already arrived at their decision, though we'll have to wait until after the final commercial break to find out how these dolts voted.

Chez Schue, later that day. Having expected Terri to be spending the entire afternoon over at Sheets 'N Things, Will sneaked back into his apartment to change for Emma's wedding, only to have Terri surprise him when she unexpectedly returns from work in the middle of her shift. They attempt some uncomfortable small talk before getting to the weepy fallout from last week's shocking revelations regarding betrayal and mendacity and unsightly pregnancy pad-related rashes, but it's just a coda to their story arc over the first thirteen episodes, and while it's of course well-played by Matthew Morrison and Jessalyn Gilsig (especially Jessalyn Gilsig), all you really need to know at this point in the series is that she wants him back, and that he thinks she's a scary mutant freak. Next!

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