Shooting Star

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"An Hour Later, The Cops Arrived..."

...FLASHBACK! What went wrong was this: Becky Jackson decided to lose her damn mind tonight and haul one of her gun-happy father's many semiautomatics into school for reasons that I'm sure will soon be forgotten by everyone involved. While preparing to surrender the weapon to Coach Sylvester, butterfingered Becky accidentally squeezed the trigger, firing off the first round towards the office wall. She immediately let go of the thing and, as Coach Sylvester truthfully told Figgins several days later, the second round went off once the gun hit the floor. "I'm sorry!" Becky cried out, bursting into immediate tears. "I'll take care of it," Coach Sylvester promised her as mayhem erupted in the halls outside. "Shhh! It's okay."

"Keep an eye on Becky, will you?" Sue asks of Will, once we've returned to the present. "She's tough," Sue adds, "but like all the kids, she gets scared sometimes." If Will understands what really happened thanks to Sue's odd request, here, he gives us no indication of it, and he remains silent for once in his goddamned life as she exits what's left of her office, supposedly for good.

Meanwhile, over at the choir room, New Finn arrives for his super-secret assignation, but His Mysterious Internet Correspondent is of course nowhere to be found. Coach Sylvester happens to amble past at this moment with her life in a box, and she asks, "Shouldn't you be at the mandatory school assembly?" "We're having a secret Glee Club meeting instead," he replies, with more than just an edge of annoyance in his voice, "but I was waiting for someone." "Good luck with that," Coach Sylvester smirks as she turns to leave. "Aren't you gonna write me up for not being at the assembly?" he calls after her. "I would," she eyebrows, "but I don't work here anymore." Yeah, we'll see about that.

April Rhodes Civic Pavilion. Various members of The New New Directions and The William McKinley Jazz Ensemble arrange themselves on and around a pair of folksy wooden risers to perform John Mayer's "Say" for each other's benefit. Dreamboat Blaine takes the lead on the first bit, with Pretty Kitty and Stupid Boring New Idiot Rachel offering him primary support, and it's sweet, and it's gentle, and it's dull as hell.

Meanwhile, back at the choir room, New Finn waits and waits until he can wait no longer, and as he stomps off in an almighty huff, the screen fills with his white-on-black silhouette as he texts, "Where are you?" There's no response, so he runs in slow motion through The Hallowed Halls Of Dear McKinley High to join the others on the auditorium stage, and hugs and fist-bumps abound as the kiddies sing us towards this episode's long-awaited end.

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