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Don't Cry for Glee, Artie and Tina
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Ah, it's that time of the year already. The time when the discovery of sexual infidelity throws the entire Glee Club into chaos, when it becomes essential to recruit a substitute member for the club so they can qualify to compete, and when the Glee Club performs a last-minute set list as though they had been practicing for months. That's right, it's Sectionals!

Will slides two tickets to Sectionals across the table to Emma. You might think he's making a peace offering and giving her a pair of tickets so she can bring Hot Dentist Carl. But you'd be wrong -- he's just inviting her to come along as his plus-one. He tells her that she's a good-luck charm for the team, and then starts to tell her about his "killer set list." Emma: "No, let me guess. Finn and Rachel are gonna do a ballad, right? Followed by the kids joining in with a classic rock number where Mercedes will belt out the last, jaw-dropping note." Will: "Have you been going through my desk?" No, just reading the Internet. He thinks he's just been trying to feature the team's strongest features, but Emma tells him that seeing all of the kids performing Rocky Horror reminded her how many really talented kids there are in the club. While she babbles on, you can see the wheels creaking to life in Will's head. Of course, they're helped along by some of the product that has seeped in through his scalp.

Cut to Will walking in to the music room. Rachel jumps to her feet with an idea about the ballad she and Finn will sing at Sectionals. Will actually acts like a teacher and makes her wait until he's made his announcement. Which is that their competition at Sectionals aren't known for their dancing prowess, so he plans to have the club perform a number that features the outstanding dancing of Mike Chang and Brittany S. Pierce. Rachel worries that their flying limbs will obscure the audience's view of her during her solo, so Will tells her that she's not getting a solo during the competition. Instead, he wants to feature the winners of the duets competition. Which, thanks to the scheming of Rachel and Finn, was Quinn and Sam. Rachel pitches a fit, accusing Will of trying to throw the competition. Quinn: "You used to be just sort of unlikable, but now I pretty much feel like punching you every time you open your mouth." Will tells the kids that he's talked the talk about them all being stars, but he hasn't walked the walk. I think he'll be okay, so long as he doesn't try to do both at once. Rachel tries to get Finn to intercede on her ego's behalf, which leads to a lot of bickering between the kids, which in turn leads Santana to drop the bomb that she and Finn did the nasty last year. Will finally drops the hammer on the bicker-fest and calls on Mike and Brit-Brit to join him to start planning the big dance number. Title card.

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