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The Grief Porn
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We begin in darkness as the opening piano chords of "Seasons Of Love" from Rent strike the soundtrack, then follow three spotlights as they travel across the stage in The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion until they land on last year's five principal additions to the show's cast. The new versions of Finn, Quinn, Mercedes, Rachel, and Puck begin the song itself on their own, each appropriately attired in a mournful black, though to be honest with you, only Unique appears particularly walloped by grief, here. I'd wonder what that signifies, but -- spoiler alert! -- these kids pretty much disappear for the rest of the episode after this opening scene, so maybe stick a pin in that for now, and we'll see if it develops into something later in the season.

Spoiler alert, part two: It's totally not going to develop into something later in the season, but I figured I might as well point it out.

In any event, the initial five are soon joined by the four elder members of The New New Directions, and as you'd expect, Tina, Artie, Sam, and Blaine all seem a bit more deeply connected to the song's message, but it's not until the group parts to reveal the Famous Original versions of Santana, Kurt, Mercedes, and Puck (oh, and Gaylord Wiener, too) that things get really sad and depressing. And not just because Mark Salling looks like he's about forty-five years old at this point. In case you haven't guessed by now, this melancholy gathering of The Old New Directions and The New New Directions is meant to mark the untimely passing of Finn Hudson, and before you ask why Famous Original Quinn isn't there, or Brittany, or Old Idiot Rachel (or Sugar Motta, or Lauren Zizes, or The Leprechaun, or even Butt Munch from way back in Season 1), I'll answer that question for you: I have no idea. Well, I have a couple of ideas, but let's not veer off into any unnecessary digressions so early in the episode, okay? Good.

So, the Famous Originals materialize to step forward and assume rightful control for the remainder of the song, with Mercedes of course handling most of the heavy lifting, and while I'm not a fan of Rent (I can go look at deadbeat hipsters on the street for free, you know) and while I'm not a fan of this song from Rent in particular, I've got to admit this opening number is well done, even if does feel a tad bit rushed. Did they really have to hack forty seconds off the full recording? No. No, they didn't, and -- spoiler alert, part three! -- it's one of my major problems with the episode as a whole. Even here, during a tribute episode to one of the show's major characters, they felt the need to hack down the songs in favor of...what, exactly? More crappily written dialogue? To have more plot and character points that come out of nowhere? All of which mean absolutely nothing because they therefore have no context? That are certain to disappear forever the instant this evening's presentation is over? Whatever, Glee.

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