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The Grief Porn

When it's over, The One True Santana Lopez retreats to The Hallowed Halls Of Dear McKinley High to tack a few Missing Jacket flyers to the walls. "That's a pretty hefty reward," Mr. Schue observes, eying the promise of ten thousand dollars to whoever returns the thing unmolested. "It's not a reward," Santana snaps back. "It's bait -- I'm gonna kick the crap out of whoever brings that jacket back," she promises, "and I want it back before I go home." "'Home' meaning...?" Mr. Schue leads. "New York," Santana replies, adding, "I'm not coming back here for a while." "More than a while," she amends, before finally admitting, "Maybe never." "I used to love coming here," she confesses, "but now this just reminds me of everything that I've lost." And no slam on Naya Rivera, here, because this little bit is probably her best scene all evening, but once again I find myself thinking that all of this would make more sense coming from Quinn. But whatever -- it is what it is, and as Santana starts in with the crying again, Mr. Schue pulls her into a hug.

Meanwhile, out on the lawn, Incredibly Old Puck's just now finished replanting the memorial tree he ripped out by the roots earlier in the episode, and as he and Coach Beiste crack open a couple of soft drinks to celebrate, Incredibly Old Puck wonders, "So, what do you think? Fifty years from now, when this tree is thirty feet tall and kids come to make out under it, will they know who it was planted for?" "Probably not," Coach Beiste replies, and God love her for that bit of honesty. The two chat some more, and the upshot of it all is this: Incredibly Old Puck is joining the Air Force, and Mark Salling is officially off this show for good. And as Incredibly Old Puck roars off on his motorcycle for the very last time, Coach Beiste bends to note he's carved "QUARTERBACK" in positively enormous letters down one side of the sapling's trunk, so I'm pretty sure that tree's going to be dead in two or three weeks. Way to go, Noah.

McKinley High Music Room, and let's start wrapping this up. After another intensely uncomfortable scene during which we watch as Lea Michele mourns her real-life boyfriend for our at-home viewing pleasure, Old Idiot Rachel presents Mr. Schue with a new plaque for the music room wall. It's a photograph of Famous Original Finn, of course, with the following quote inscribed beneath it: "The show must go...all over the place...or something." That's from this episode, by the way, though I apparently didn't find it amusing enough at the time to include it in the recap. The camera lingers on Famous Original Finn's face for a moment.

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