The Quarterback

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The Grief Porn

We cut to Chez Schue, where we watch as the gentleman of the house lets himself in through the front door. Will settles down on the sofa, digs through his briefcase for a moment or two, and pulls out...Famous Original Finn's letterman jacket! Dun-dun-DUN! Will promptly bursts into tears at the mere sight of the thing, and he quickly turns into a blubbering wad of snot-streaked grossness right there on the couch, weeping and sobbing and gnashing his teeth. When Emma finally arrives home to find her teary-eyed mess of a husband with his face buried in one of his former students' letterman jackets, she cracks open the Yellow Pages to start looking for another divorce attorney, because this shit has officially gone too fucking far. Having the rotting corpse stowed away in the crafts room would have been less creepy than what we got here. God, this show. This awful, awful show.

Next up…baseball! No new episodes until November 7th! Have fun!

Demian will not be watching the baseball, but he plans to have fun, anyway. You may reach him at

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