The Role You Were Born To Play

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Cheese Is The Word
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Finn is working at Burt's tire shop, looking kind of blue-collar sexy in his jumpsuit. Artie visits him to see how he's doing. Finn's doing as you'd expect -- he's realized he's a total failure at everything in life. Artie thinks Finn is too good for self-pity, but Finn (and the audience) know he's not really too good for anything. Artie invites Finn to be his co-director for the musical, since Grease was Finn's idea. Finn begs off, but caves after Artie holds the entire show hostage by claiming that he'll quit as director if Finn doesn't get on board. Well, at least this will give Finn an excuse to hang around the high school without looking like a total pervert. Title card.

Hallway. Sam is at the bulletin board, signing up for auditions for the musical. There are a bunch of other names on the list, none of which we'll ever hear anything about. Sam asks Blaine, standing beside him, if their rank as Student Council President and Vice-President don't give them some pull in getting their desired roles, but Blaine's not even sure he wants to audition. And that's because he has the sadz since Kurt dumped him after Blaine admitted cheating. Kurt won't speak to him, and returned his peace offering of the Gilmore Girls box set unopened. Amusingly, Kurt and Blaine's long-term plan was to retire in Provincetown and live in a lighthouse. So they planned to become garden gnomes? Sam tells Blaine that he'll get through the heartbreak and walks away. And then Blaine sings "Hopelessly Devoted to You," from Grease (duh) as he walks down the hallway. And really, he is hopelessly devoted to Kurt... except for that one time he screwed around with that other guy. Not so devoted at that particular moment. After Blaine spends some time looking through his Kurt scrapbook, we see him singing on the bleachers while watching football practice. The director makes a really unfortunate decision to shoot Blaine in close profile as he sings some of the biggest notes and his chin is just -- unpleasantly protuberant. It's not a good look. After walking through the middle of the football team's practice session, he finishes the song on the auditorium stage, auditioning for Artie and Finn. They love the performance, and think he'll make a great Danny Zuko. But Blaine breaks down in tears and tells them he can't play the lead in a love story while he feels the way he does. But when they ask him if can play any part, he tells them he can probably manage Teen Angel.

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