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Go-Go For Gaga Puffs!

Finn knocks on the door of Will's office and finds Will wearing his gayest reading glasses and totally geeking out over all the web learning he's been doing about Lady Gaga. But Finn is there to explain that he doesn't want to do Lady Gaga. His masculinity is feeling threatened, and he feels like the Glee Club is always doing just what the girls want to do. Will actually listens and tells him that he has a point. Fortunately, Finn already has thought of a solution. Is that solution to hire Shelby away from Carmel as Will's replacement? I guess we'll find out later, because the scene has ended.

Quinn's locker. She's pissed off by Puck's suggestion of a name for their female fetus. For some reason, Quinn doesn't think "Jack Daniels" is a feminine enough name, even if it is "rock star" as Puck suggests. She tells him the dispute over the name isn't the point -- she's giving up the baby precisely so she doesn't have to be a parent with Puck. I mean, I hope it's also so she can, you know, go to college and pursue her dreams, whatever they may be. She tells Puck to look at this as good news, as it leaves him free to go and be a rock star on his own.

And now we're at the point where Glee kids start walking the halls of McKinley High in Lady Gaga outfits. Tina is wearing this bubble dress, complete with white bob wig, while Kurt's silver lamé number is based on this number from the "Bad Romance" video (except that Kurt's wig is a little more Falco doing "Amadeus" than it is Lady Gaga). Tina is in love with her bubble dress, "because even though I'm painfully shy and obsessed with death, I'm a really effervescent person." And then a couple of meathead jocks shove Kurt and Tina against the lockers and walk away. Except that Kurt is no longer taking crap like that. He calls after them, "Excuse me, were you dropped on your heads?" Oh, but it's really just weird chivalry -- he tells them, "Pick on me, it's fine, but don't throw around a girl." Kurt, honey, you don't deserve abuse from these guys any more than Tina does. Also, the meatheads are jocks we've seen before -- one slushying Finn and Quinn and the other harassing Finn in the locker room. The meatheads have some kind of weird, twisted logic in which Kurt and Tina dressing in an unusual fashion is somehow justification for hitting them. Kurt's not backing down -- he defends his right to express himself. But one of the meatheads tells him, "Well, the next time you want to express yourself and look like a circus freak, don't be shocked when my fist feels like expressing itself against your chin." Don't be sad, Brit-Brit, but I think we've now learned that you are not the dumbest kid in the school. But the threat of violence won't keep Kurt down -- as they walk away, he calls out to them, "Yeah, you don't want to be late for your appointment at Supercuts." One of the meatheads tells "Hummel" (and not "homo," which was what I thought I heard the first time I watched this) to watch his mouth, while the other one tells him, "You know what, Fancy? You don't need an appointment at Supercuts. They love walk-ins."

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