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Go-Go For Gaga Puffs!

Finn is in the boys' room, drawing on his face with... some kind of makeup pencil. I'm afraid I'm not the kind of gay guy who knows what that's called. Anyway, he hears a toilet flush and realizes he's not alone. Alas, it's the two jock meatheads from earlier, who give him a hard time and accuse him of catching "the gay" from Kurt. They're getting kind of physical -- and not in any kind of sexy way. One of them yells at Finn, "How many times do we gotta go through this? You being a jock and being in this Glee Club does not make you versatile. It makes you bisexual." And then they threaten him with an ass-kicking and tell him he should be using the girls' room. Finn is quietly freaking out.

Carmel High auditorium. V.A. is just finishing rehearsing some part of their Lady Gaga number when Rachel enters the auditorium. She's wearing a huge shawl. Shelby tells the kids to take five: "Ladies, I don't want to hear about chafing just because you're being forced to wear metal underwear. Not my problem." Rachel walks over to Shelby and calls her "mom." Shelby sighs and tells her she has got to stop spying on the V.A. rehearsals. But Rachel is actually there for some help -- she opens her shawl to reveal her atrocious attempt at Lady Gaga. Rachel explains that she really needs a mom (because, of course, gay men can't sew but all women can). Shelby looks thoughtful, but doesn't say no.

And then we cut to Rachel entering the McKinley auditorium wearing this. And it looks great, but it loses some points for lack of insanity, since it could double as a smart cocktail dress. The girls (and Kurt) are all wearing their Gaga looks, still or again or whatever. And then Will introduces the boys (minus Kurt, and also Jesse, who neither appears nor is mentioned in this episode). And the boys are singing an excellent cover of "Shout It Out Loud," by that very theatrical rock band KISS, complete with makeup and outer-space gladiator costumes. Solos come from Finn, Puck and Artie, with Mike and Matt providing some nice backing vocals as well as rocking out the dancing. The girls (plus Kurt) get into it in the audience. Will tells them it was great and asks what the costumes represent. And then, it's a day that will live in history as Mike Chang gets his first line in the back nine. It's just "We did our research, Mr. Schue." But still, that's something. And then, even more remarkably, Matt Rutherford gets a line -- "And I'm dressed as the guy that replaced Artie when he quit." Remember this day, kids -- someday you'll tell your grandchildren about it.

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