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Go-Go For Gaga Puffs!

Kurt and Tina walk down some stairs, critiquing the boys' performance. Tina's big problem was that "Finn kept sticking his tongue out and I couldn't stop picturing him licking stuff. It was disturbing." And then they turn a corner and are brought up short, because they're face to face with the meatheads, who tell them that "Gaga has got to go" as they back our shiny pair up against a wall.

Cut to the Hummel basement bedroom, which Kurt and Finn are apparently already sharing, because Finn is sitting in front of Kurt's vanity (by which I mean the piece of furniture and not the overwhelming ego), taking off his Kiss makeup. Kurt is re-Bedazzling his Gaga shoe and asking Finn if he could please ask his jock friends to try to harass him without damaging his costumes in the future. Finn tells him that he has no pull with those guys, because they already think Kurt and Finn are dating. Kurt calls them Neanderthals and predicts -- with some likelihood of success, I think -- that the meatheads will be cleaning his septic tank in three years. But Finn thinks Kurt is living in a fantasy land: "We live in Ohio, not New York or San Francisco or some other city where people eat vegetables that aren't fried." Wait, hold up -- vegetables that aren't fried? I don't believe such things exist. Unless maybe he's talking about vegetables in a cheese sauce. That must be it. Finn's point is that he can't understand why Kurt has to make such a spectacle of himself: "Why can't you work harder at blending in?" Kurt: "I'm sure that would be easier for you." Finn: "You know, it would." He keeps wiping off makeup. Kurt notices that he's just using a tissue and walks up to show him how to do it properly with a moist towelette. I guess cold cream is passé. But Finn freaks out as Kurt's hand comes near his face. So Finn leaves to finish his makeup removal in the laundry room. Why not one of the two-and-a-half bathrooms? Commercials.

Will's office. He has apparently called Shelby and asked to meet her. She tells him that her reconnection with Rachel is not some kind of plot to destroy New Directions by distracting their star singer before Regionals. Eh, I still think it might be. Will tells her that he's not worried about Regionals. Which is pretty obvious, since we haven't heard one word about preparing for Regionals so far this spring. What Will is concerned about is Rachel. He thinks she's very vulnerable, and he's worried that Shelby is not as committed as Rachel is to this reunion. He asks her if she's really ready to have a teenage daughter. She tells him that she can't have any more kids, and she really wanted a daughter. But now that she's met Rachel, she realizes that she was really looking for a baby girl, not an almost-adult. Will tells her that she should really tell that to Rachel.

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