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Kurt leads Finn into the basement, telling him that he had to skip school to finish redecorating, but he thinks Finn will really like it. Kurt is wearing a very smart waistcoat, complete with bowtie and pocket watch. He turns on the lights to reveal a completely overdone North African boudoir, which he says was inspired by Marlene Dietrich and Gary Cooper in Morocco. He thinks that it's the perfect blend of the masculine and feminine. And this room is about as masculine as Marlene Dietrich in the tuxedo she wore in Morocco. Which is to say, not at all. It's all flowing fabrics and soft lighting and nothing that looks like an actual bed. Although I am impressed if Kurt really did all this with the $300 he got from Burt. Finn asks Kurt, "Are you freaking insane? I can't live here, I'm a dude." Finn points out a folding screen and asks what it is, and Kurt tells him that it's a privacy partition. Kurt, whose newfound spine I am really enjoying, wants to know why Finn is getting so angry. Finn tells Kurt that he wants walls, not flimsy carved screens -- he doesn't want to get dressed in front of Kurt. "I don't want to worry about that stuff in my own room." Kurt asks him, "And what 'stuff' are you referring to?" Finn tells him not to play coy -- he's aware of all the longing glances full of desire that he's shot in Finn's direction. "Why can't you just accept that I'm not like you?" Kurt: "I have accepted that." Finn doesn't believe him. Finn tells Kurt that he knows exactly why Kurt was so excited at the idea of them sharing a room. Kurt, screaming: "It's just a room, Finn! We can redecorate if you want to!" And then Finn starts insisting that they get rid of the "faggy lamp" and the "faggy couch covering." And then Burt bursts into the room: "Hey! What did you just call him?" Finn claims he was talking to the blanket, and then Burt dresses him down on the use of that word. And part of this speech is Burt feeling shame for all the times he used that word in the past, and part of it is anger that Finn is destroying his fantasy that his son could be perfectly safe in the world today. And he tells Finn that he can't live in their house if he thinks Kurt won't be safe around him. Even if that means he has to give up his relationship with Carol. By the end of the speech, Finn is ashamed and silent and just leaves, and Kurt is in tears. Burt leaves the room, but not before telling Kurt, "The place looks great." Aw, Burt, you're such a liar. But I love you for it. Commercials.

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