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Okay, I don't normally get all involved in the disputes people have on the forums about who's at fault and who's completely in the right. Because people are entitled to their opinions. And also, I find most of that discussion to be motivated by this weird over-identification with fictional characters. But I have to give my spin on that scene. Both of these guys are kids, which means they're stupid and half the time they're not even aware why they're making the decisions they make. I absolutely believe Kurt when he says that, on a conscious level, he has accepted that he will never be in a relationship with Finn. But that kind of conscious acceptance isn't going to change how he feels. And it's pretty clear that it hasn't changed how he looks at Finn. Except that I'm willing to bet that he has absolutely no idea that he's giving Finn those longing looks. Which is why he was so angry and defensive in this scene -- because, having been called out on his behavior, he has to own up to the fact that he's been behaving badly, which undoubtedly makes him feel ashamed at his own lack of control. But I also don't think that Kurt not being aware of how he was treating Finn means that Finn can't feel uncomfortable over it. It's awkward and weird and embarrassing when someone looks at you like that. If Finn wasn't being called "gay" by the meatheads, and if he hadn't been yanked out of his own home against his will, he'd probably be able to deal with Kurt's unconscious come-ons a lot more rationally. But he was dealing with those other things, and he's a teenage boy. So he freaked out and said some stupid things. In short, neither of these kids is a villain, and neither is a hero. Burt, however, it my hero, for absolutely getting it about the use of the words "fag" and "gay" as an insult, and also for letting Kurt know that no matter what, he comes first. Okay, that's the end of my little Jacobean side trip.

Music room. Once again, the kids are wearing their Gaga outfits. Pardon me for saying this, but it must be getting pretty rank in that room. Because as fabulous as those costumes look, that shiny fabric does not breathe well. Tina tells Kurt that her balls keep falling off. Kurt knows the feeling. Finn tries to whisper to Kurt that he wants to talk, but Kurt's not really up for listening to him. And then, as per usual, one of the kids hijacks rehearsal to make a personal statement to some other kid. In this case, it's Puck, who has a song he wants to sing to Quinn. And that song is "Beth," also by Kiss, which he sings with the assistance of the other boys (minus Kurt). But first, Puck tells everyone that he gets now that it doesn't matter to a kid whether that kid's father is a badass -- it just matters whether he's there. And he realizes that Jack Daniels is a rotten name for a baby girl. Which is why he's proposing that they name the baby Beth, even if they are giving her up for adoption. Also, Finn sings a verse of the song to Kurt -- the one about their house not being a home. Finally, Will acts like a total douche, swaying back and forth with his eyes closed and pretending to conduct a band. At the end of the song, Quinn agrees that Puck can be there when the baby is born. Commercials. And yes, that means there was a commercial break and then one scene followed by another commercial break.

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