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O Fortuna!

And when it's all over, ending as it does smack on the fifty yard line down on the football field, Quinn tells the other Cheerios to take five, watches for a moment as they disperse, and then wanders off on her own into the next commercial break. Is that supposed to mean something?

Auditorium, where Quinn, Rachel, and Finn are about to perform that hateful number I detest for the rest of the club, and we are fast approaching the titular slow-motion Godzilla Versus Megalon-style giant-against-weakling throwdown that opened the hour. Rachel barely makes it through the first bar of the wretched excuse of a so-called song when Sue disgustedly calls a halt to the proceedings and orders her Kids to exit the auditorium immediately, lest the malodorous foulness rising from this trash heap of a travesty invade their bodies and liquefy their brains. Or something like that. Finn, ever the astrophysicist, wonders if there's a fire. "No," Sue sharply replies, "and that's the point: There is no fire." "It's sad enough," she continues, shaking her head, "that my Sue's Kids are living in squalor and probably on food stamps" -- here Mercedes interrupts that her father's a dentist -- "but for you to drag 'em in here and bore 'em to death? I won't stand for it -- come on, kids! Out! We're goin' for Coneys!" Once again, Will's had enough of Sue's abuse, and after the two trade increasingly heated insults, the entire argument grinds down into super-slow-motion for a moment until Finn steps forward to call out, "Enough!" He apologizes for being so disrespectful to the purported authority figures present but adds, "If we wanted to hear Mom and Dad fight, those of us who still have two parents would just stay home on payday." Mercedes boldly agrees, for though she is a dentist's daughter, she is still sassy. "Glee Club is supposed to be fun," she protests, "and furthermore, I don't like this minority business. I may be a strong, proud black woman, but I'm a lot more than that. I'm out!" As Mercedes heads for the door, the camera pans down to T-T-T-Tina, who stammers, "M-M-M-Me, too!" At this point, with the rebellion in full swing, Rachel -- who never appreciated this segregated arrangement in the first place -- sings out from the stage, "Fellow Glee Clubbers, it would be an honor to show you how a real storm-out is done! I encourage you to follow my lead." And with that, everybody flounces. With the football players sniffily carrying Artie up the stairs in his wheelchair. Hee. Sue, wild-eyed in defeat, races out the side door, leaving Will alone, saddened and dejected. Or, you know. Furrowed.

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