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O Fortuna!

...back in the past, where Figgins asks for a progress report on how "Sue and Schue" are working together. Sue and Schue initially stumble over each other attempting to offer Figgins an answer, but after grandly and over-elaborately apologizing to one another, Sue replies first: "Things couldn't be going more smoothly." "I couldn't agree more!" Will lies, laughing and playfully bopping Sue on the shoulder for emphasis. Sue laughs along with him, but you know she's now secretly plotting to dismember Will's offending limb with a rusty hacksaw. Figgins, no fool, sees right through the forced jocularity and leans forward to emphasize, "I don't want to hear any reports of either of you trying to curry favor from the children, am I clear?" and I'm not sure if his use of the word "curry" in that sentence is a deliberate attempt to pepper his dialogue with what one might call "slur-adjacent" language, given the fact that the only other instance in tonight's presentation that I can remember at the moment is Sue's upcoming "chink in the armor," but if I notice a trend, especially considering tonight's central plot device, I'll be sure to point it out to you. That said, don't expect Will to complain about the Glee Club's "niggardly budget" anytime soon.

Smear ahead briefly in time to Will blatantly violating Figgins's curry ban by transparently begging for approval through soliciting the Glee Club's thoughts on what they should be performing at Sectionals. "Anything?" he prompts, as most of the club members stare at him, bored. "Any music in particular that you guys want to do?" Mercedes raises a hand. "Could we maybe try something a little more black?" "I agree," the eleven-year-old German milkmaid sighs, "we do an awful lot of showtunes," and honey, you were the one wiping single, perfect gay tears from his eyes when Orangina tore down the house a couple of weeks ago with a Liza impersonation, so I don't want to hear that kind of crap coming from you, missy. Rachel, sharing my outrage, protests, "It's 'Glee Club,' not 'Crunk Club'!" "Don't make me take you to the carpet!" Mercedes boldly threatens, for she is indeed a Big Bold Mama who, in short order, will actually stop the show this evening. Long before that happens, however, Gaylord Weiner or Butt Lunch or whatever the hell his name is raises a hand of his own to note, "I can pop and lock!" "Not really what we're going for, Mike," Will racistly replies, "but noted!"

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