Tina In The Sky With Diamonds

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They're All Gonna Laugh At You!
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"So, how does it work with gay marriage?" Lady Lips Von Bieberhausen wonders aloud whilst reclining on the McKinley High music room piano. "Do you take his last name," Lady Lips continues, "or does he take yours, or do you both hyphenate?" Dreamboat Blaine, who's been idly tickling the ivories somewhere north of Sam's head this entire time, replies that he's too busy trying to wrap his mind around the fact that St. Gay Of Lima actually said yes at the end of last week's Super-Gay Gay Marriage Proposal Extravaganza to think of such details, then shifts the conversational topic over to this week's impending prom dramarama. "I fell asleep last night while Tina was texting me about her dress," he confides before adding, "It's really nice that you're going with her, by the way."

Lady Lips heaves a beleaguered sigh, so we already know that's going to become A Huge Hairy Issue this evening even before he notes, "It's my senior prom, so I kinda wish I was going with somebody I really care about." "Damn!" he realizes as he hauls himself up into a sitting position atop the piano. "I have seriously been unlucky in love!" And you're going to continue to be seriously unlucky in love if you don't wash your goddamned hair, you sleazeball. Not that I give a flying rat's crap about any of the tedious, angst-ridden romantic subplots on this show, ever, but still. Who in the hell thought that hairstyle was a good choice for this character this season, huh?

In any event, Sam's musings are interrupted by the arrival of Mr. Schue, who wastes little time reminding us all that last week's Beatlemania will continue apace until every single member of this show's rapidly dwindling audience is completely disgusted with the band and everything it ever represented. He gamely launches himself into one of his lengthy and instantly forgettable monologues involving this week's band's relevance to The New New Directions' current situation, but I really can't be bothered to listen to any of it this time around, so it's quite a relief when Principal Sylvester cuts it all short to grace us all with the following announcement via the school's PA system: "Good afternoon, McKinley High. This year, all the proms are being fused into one giant Brundleprom. And now for the moment that will crush ninety-nine percent of your misguided views about your own popularity: Here are your nominees for Prom King and Queen." First up are the guys, with Dreamboat Blaine and Artie joining someone named "Mohammed Omar" and Stoner Brett Bukowski as the gentlemen on the court. Lady Lips Von Bieberhausen is quite dismayed by his omission from the list, even though we all know he shouldn't be, because MY GOD, YOU IDIOT, WOULD YOU PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR HAIR?

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