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Previously, on Glee: the show added its own previously-on-Glee bit, which I'm not going to recap.

Will is teaching some choreography to the Glee Club, but they are totally half-assing it. He demands some energy, since they have Sectionals in two weeks, but Mercedes insists that Sectionals will be a breeze. Mr. Schue tells the kids that what they do at Sectionals will set the tone for Regionals, so they have to shine. Kurt laughs at an inappropriate moment, and then explains that he was watching a funny YouTube video.

In the teachers' lounge, Will complains about the kids' attitude to Emma while they eat their lunch. She can't really pay attention, because he has an enormous glob of mustard on his (in her words), "cute Kirk Douglas chin dimple." Rather than just wiping it off, Will tries to lick his own chin and leans in closer and closer to Emma as he does. I can't tell if he's flirting in the grossest way possible or if he's just a moron. Finally, Emma reaches out with her plastic-gloved hand and wipes his chin off. The sexual tension, she is thick. Emma tries to end the flirting by returning to the subject of the Glee Club's ennui, asking when it began. Will tells her it started a week ago. And then we flash back to a week ago!

Glee rehearsal. Rachel is leading a dance rehearsal when Will enters and tells them that he's just got the competition bracket for Sectionals. There are only two teams they have to beat to make it to Regionals. And those two teams are... School for the Deaf and Jane Adams Academy. Which Mercedes happens to know is "a halfway house for girls just getting out of juvie." Everyone is thrilled that their only competition will be (in Arty's word), "people who can't hear what they're singing, and criminals who don't care." I don't know -- I understand that women's prisons can be very musical places.

Back in the present, Will tells Emma that once they kids learned who their competition was going to be, they stopped trying. Emma tells him that her parents used a sticker board to motivate her to do her chores when she was a kid. I'm having trouble imagining young Emma allowing anybody else in her house to clean one single thing when she was a kid. As she explains the idea of a sticker board, we hear Sue's voice: "Oh, dear God, please, please, stop talking. I'm trying desperately to ignore the treacly sweet inanity of your asinine conversation, but now I've got bile in my mouth. I will hold my tongue no further." Sue shows Will a roster of the Cheerios, and then tells him that each week she randomly picks a Cheerio and dismisses her from the team. Will doesn't seem to receptive to Sue's suggestion, so she reminds him that they're dealing with children: "They need to be terrified. It's like mother's milk to them. Without it, their bones won't grow properly." That's funny, I find fear inhibits bone development. Oh, wait, I may be thinking of a different kind of bone. Sue tells Will to find a way to unleash the kids' competitive spirits. And then, having shocked them both into silence, she stands to leave, but not before telling Emma, "Ellen, that blouse is just insane." (The blouse is a darling little sleeveless yellow number with an enormous bow at the neck.) Emma can't believe Sue's allowed to teach at the school. I can't believe she's allowed to come within 50 feet of a child. But Will thinks Sue may just have a point. Title screen.

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