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The Incredible Kurt's Wonder Bone
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We open on the Improbably Bohemian Bushwick Loft, where Rachel is making herself some tea and talking on the phone with Will, who's in the teachers' lounge at McKinley. She's called to tell him that she just had her callback for Funny Girl, and she's one of only three actors up for the role of Fanny Brice. She wants to give all the credit to him, since she auditioned with the song that Finn selected and arranged back when Will had stated his intention to quit teaching forever. Which makes me wonder why she's not giving the credit to Finn. But let's just ignore all that and pretend that Will is really the one who launched Rachel in her career. And that saccharine phone call gives Will an idea for the week's lesson. Since he clearly didn't have anything planned before this.

Music room. Will writes "Wonder-ful" on the board. He tells the kids about Rachel's good news, and further tells them the wonderful news that Brit-Brit is touring MIT because she's been accepted. Even more wonderfully, Will re-proposed to Emma off-camera, and she accepted. How did this emotionally stunted man-child propose to her without the assistance of his teenage minions? Tina also has good news, which is that she's wait-listed at the Columbus College of Veterinary Medicine. So the writers are planning to literally bury Tina in bullshit? Anyway, all this wonderful news has made Will decide that this week the kids will sing the songs of Stevie Wonder. He claims that this theme will carry through to Regionals next week, but we all know that's a tremendous lie. Title card.

Pretty Kitty chases Artie down the hallway, demanding to know why he's so depressed. He claims not to know what she's talking about, and she tells him that he's depressed because he wants to have sex with her since it will never happen. Artie tells him he wasn't thinking about that, but he's happy to have another reason to be depressed -- which means he's fallen into Pretty Kitty's trap, given that he's now admitted that he's depressed. So he comes clean and tells her that he's been admitted to the Fictional Brooklyn Film School. But he's not going, even though he won't tell her the reason. And he asks her to shut her Pretty Kitty pie hole. Has asking her to shut up ever worked? Ever?

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