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You Can Call Me Levi

Kohn hollers at Lauren -- the undercover female agent from the pier -- and Johnny to clear out Donnie's room so a new guy can move in. Poor Donnie is the one who got shot, and he survived, but I guess he gets turfed out of Graceland while he recovers. Agent Kohn fills them in on their new arrival: Blond Marius, also known as Mike Warren, the top of the latest Quantico class. Briggs points out from a quick perusal of Mike's jacket that Mike doesn't speak Spanish, which would probably helpful in the kind of work they do (and also Aaron Tveit is like the whitest man alive, so he's going to stick out like a great pale thumb). Johnny marvels at Mike's test scores, which he says are almost as high as Briggs's were. Kohn tells Briggs to pick Mike up, which Briggs pawns off on Johnny.

On the plane, Mike is practicing his Spanish. A lady next to him overhears and wants to chat. He charms her, and he's just so goddamn cute. He lies that he's a teacher, just as the flight attendant comes over and asks if he's Special Agent Mike Warren from the FBI. He's all... uh, yep. That's me. She hands him a note that Johnny sent through the cockpit to tell Mike where to wait at the airport. Did they not give Johnny Mike's cell phone number? Mike's affable seatmate politely overlooks his pathetic attempt at lying and quickly teaches him how to say "Hands up" in Spanish.

Mike wanders the airport until Johnny shows up, finally, two hours late, and chides Mike for being so by-the-book that he'd wait exactly where he was told to for two hours. He introduces himself and they stroll off into the lovely California sunshine.

Mike fills Johnny in on how he's learning Spanish, and Johnny shows off that he also speaks Korean by flirting with some ladies. As they stroll up the beach, Johnny rattles off the cover stories all the agents at Graceland use: Briggs says he's a Tae Bo instructor (because... people still do Tae Bo?), someone named Charlie passes herself off as a trust fundie, and Johnny tells girls he's a Learjet pilot. And the reason the house is called Graceland is because the drug lord from whom it was seized was an Elvis fan.

So, the roommates: FBI agents Briggs, Johnny, Charlie and Mike; DEA agents Lauren, Donnie and Paige; and ICE agent Jakes. I'm sure Jakes will turn out to be the Puck. The house looks like a Real World pad on steroids, like someone plundered an Anthropologie, with a little Crate & Barrel thrown in (the really pricey furniture collection, not the cheap wineglasses). Guests aren't allowed upstairs, Johnny says, and he shows Mike the chore wheel, which is adorable.

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