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You Can Call Me Levi

Johnny shows Mike the phone room, which has a zillion different lines, some of them marked with things like "answer only in Russian." Lauren, who rushes in to answer that line, was Donnie's partner, Johnny mutters, and he fills Mike in on the work they were doing with the Gallardo cartel and how he got busted. Mike puts his suitcase down on the bed in Donnie's room, and Lauren comes in to cock her gun and threaten him not to get too comfortable. She seems like a charmer.

A guy in a rasta hat is trying to sell (surely contraband) parrots to another guy with dreads in a rasta hat. Dreads guy closes the deal, takes off his hat, and ties his hair up, and then he's walking into the Graceland kitchen. Dreads guy is Jakes, the customs agent, and he's not pleased to meet Mike, who is drinking his orange juice, as indicated by the initials scrawled on the label. Jakes does not like people consuming his food; over in the breakfast nook, Johnny cracks up. Briggs stumbles into the kitchen grumpily and drinks directly from the milk carton -- also labeled with Jakes's initials -- while Mike sucks up to him. Briggs's idea of Mike getting started is to do all his chores. I do so enjoy handsome men hazing each other.

In a much less attractive and sunny house, a person collects some small vials from a compartment under a floorboard. The woman who did the collecting picks up a crying baby, wakes up the kid's junkie mother, then leaves while the boy screams in his playpen. And then she walks in the front door of Graceland, spooking Mike, who's doing the dishes. She starts rummaging through a bag on the couch, so Mike pulls his gun on her and tells her to put her hands up. She slaps his gun away and draws her own, then asks if he's the new guy. As Johnny comes in, he repeats the "no guns downstairs" rule that she just mentioned to Mike, and then identifies the woman as FBI agent Charlie...

...Who needs a shower and some soft-focus close-ups to wash off her junkie drag. After she gets them, she comes into Mike's room in her bathrobe and finds Donnie's spare key for him, since Mike's welcome packet included dish duty but not a key to the house. She also flirtily says she'll shoot Mike if he tells Lauren about how he thought she was a junkie robbing the place.

Donnie answers Lauren's call at the safe house. From their conversation, it seems safe to say they're not just professional partners. She fills him in on all the people who want him dead: not just the Russians, but also the Mexican cartel. And then they say, "I love you and I miss you," without saying any of those specific words.

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